AMD hits Back at Intel With Triple-core Chip

AMD's two triple-core Phenom processors, the X3 8400 (2.1GHz) and 8600 (2.4GHz) are aimed squarely at the gaming and digital media markets and support DirectX 10. The chips are based on a 65nm architecture, and contain 450 million transistors.

According to analyst Gartner, AMD's shipped 550,000 units in 2007, compared to Intel's 1.76 million. AMD's hold on mobile processors is even smaller -- less than a tenth of Intel's -- shipping 160,000 units next to Intel's 1.77 million last year.

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I Call 9MM3737d ago

Hmmm. Not only do programmers now have to scale their games to work on single core, dual core and quad core CPUs, they now have the triple core CPU as well in the PC gaming world. I can see there being practicallity for this in other applications, but gaming, come on reall now. Why can't they just have more standards out there. Too many variations just means that much more stuff that won't get used. Though in PC's that extra core can do other things while your gaming, like ripping a DVD or something.

BludoTheSmelly3737d ago

Might as well get a quad these days. The cheapeast quad on intel side outdoes the phenom's.

Tyrael3737d ago

AMD, spend more money on your GPUs. Lord knows if ATI can put something out to run Crysis on AA at Very High, we would all be pleased. And I'm sure your fiscal bottom line would be nice too.