Hollywood Producer Set to Make Shows for Xbox 360

LOS ANGELES - Microsoft, seeking to expand offerings on its Xbox 360 console, has reached an agreement with a company headed by Peter Safran, the veteran Hollywood producer and talent manager, to produce original shows for distribution on the system.

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ichimaru3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

nice idea, hope it catches on.

predict 4 disagrees total

Breakfast3463d ago

If it makes it to the main page youd better watch

decapitator3463d ago

Microsoft bringing the heat. This should be interesting.

ICUP3463d ago

"Microsoft bringing the heat"


decapitator3462d ago

har har..I see what you did there.

wageslave3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

MSFT is working with Peter Jackson.

They had that contest at the NYC TV Festival "Xbox Originals" contest

IPTV. Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

They are setting up Xbox 360 as a *NEW* media distribution outlet. Sometime soon, they are going to announce "Xbox Live Originals" as a TV / MOVIE distribution outlet. A new IP-based "channel" (if you will).

Digital Distribution FTW.

jiinn3463d ago

Dont bother Wageslave. Based on the (dis)agrees, this website is beyond stupid.

If it isnt coming to PS3, it sucks.

"Peter Jackson suxors!!!1!" - Sony Zealot.

Mandangoof3463d ago

Whose idea was it?
No need to ask, if it's a terrible idea like this, it must be MS.

People who think this is a good idea have no clue. You have tiny budgets (or they lose MEGABUCKS) which means sh!tty show which means no one watches/downloads which means show is canceled, not to mention a tiny XBL audience (compared to TVs) who apparently only want to play games otherwise they would have a PS3, they tell me.


wageslave3463d ago

A new Internet-based distribution channel for new creative works is a bad idea?

Really -- tell us more about your incredible insight.

Are you going to tell us that Digital Distribution is 10 years away?

Here's a newsflash, more than half the traffic on the internet is *already* Digital Distribution.

People are already going to their internet-connected devices for entertainment, how could this *NOT* be a great idea?

Blademask3463d ago

Still no fix for RROD.

Talk about customers coming first.

wageslave3463d ago

What the fcuk are you talking about?

The heat issues were resolved in mid-2007. Every person with a problem gets a free repair.

Take your drivel to the open zone mouth-breather.

foodbox3463d ago

We suffer this user's drivel endlessly, can a mod please delete this "blademask" account?

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