Live at 5: H-Hour:World's Elite

Join the Creative Director David Sears, of the SOCOM series Live as Ken Lawson and Kat Gunn get to the bottom of all the hype surrounding the anticipated release of SOF Studios project H-Hour: World's Elite.

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harbie1872d ago

Great webcast on H-Hour, the new SOCOM!

younglj011872d ago

Could see this being released around Christmas this year or early next year..So hyped too see what this team is developing.

Off-topic:Since we see an reboot of the Socom franchise could we also see an reboot of Syphon Filter in the near future?

wastedcells1872d ago

It's not coming out until 2015 lol. I wish it was coming out sooner but not a chance.

PS3gamer4life1872d ago

Dam thats to long i cnt wait