The Evolution of Grand Theft Auto: From GTA to GTA 5

GR - "From then to now, we take a look at the GTA series from its very inception to what it is set to become."

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ala_7671992d ago

Still I miss San Andreas!!! Best GTA ever!!!

MadMen1992d ago

No way, Vice City 4LIFE!

TheSaint1992d ago

Tommy Vercetti >>> Carl Johnson.

urwifeminder1992d ago

Never finished a single gta game I see this one being no different I just loose interest after about 10 hours bargin bin pc edition for me .

fattyuk1992d ago

Neither have I apart from GTA4 and the dlc.

Spent hundreds if not thousands of hours over the past 10+ yers glued to GTA on the PS1 all the way through to the PSP games

I am trying really hard to finish vice city but I just love fucking about listening to the radio stations, reminds me of being a teenager again

fattyuk1992d ago

With all the console news e3 tlou rattling round in my head I keep forgetting how much I'm looking forward to this!

SeanScythe1992d ago

Why haven't they released more info about this game? No showing at E3 was a big disappointment. We are in July now and only 2 months and a few days left before release.