Pre-Order Call of Duty: Ghosts & Receive a Bonus Map

Infinity Ward and Activision have revealed today via the official Call of Duty website that anyone who pre-orders Call of Duty: Ghosts will receive “Free Fall”, a downloadable bonus map at launch.

The website also states that the pre-order bonus map is a thank you for the fans support of Call of Duty Multiplayer over the years.

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buynit1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Fuck call of duty until they get dedicated servers.. Last night was a lag fest and now the dam servers seem to be down..

Now that destiny is set to release, good bye cod cause we all know cod will be dropped like a bad habit.. Its insane how much money cod makes them and the very little effort they put in..

Crazyglues1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Yeah I had actually went back to BlackOp2 for a little little while but every other day there would be a new number of patch 113.27 or whatever number, and not once would it fix lag...

Everytime they adjust the game the lag get's worst, and worst.. -they actually had it running really good around 104.17 or whatever the number was and they came in and wreck it, with all these patches that just kept breaking something else..

(they need to do a real update) Stop Patching..

It's a dam shame... I've gone back to Battlefield 3, and I don't even know why I ever left it/ because I played like 20 games over the last few days and not one of them lagged.... I'll never be back to COD BO2 they wrecked the dam thing on PS3..

||.........___||............ ||

buynit1993d ago

Yea i started playing the damn game again on Saturday after not playing for a while and what a fucking mess i came back to... Lag after lag and if its not lagging its migrating the host..

The sad part is that imo the online can be fun as hell i just don't get how they can still not have dedicated servers and as far as i know even the next one still doesn't have it..

Black ops 2 is def. My last cod buy until i start seeing some real improvements.. Their is no reason why we have to put up with ship like this considering the kind of sales this franchise gets..

And mark my words destiny is next..

merciless1993d ago

F a bonus map! How about a bonus engine instead of the one they've been using for the past 11 years. It really is a shame when your competitors actual game play looks light years ahead of your pre rendered cinematics.

Thanks but no thanks COD. I'm afraid my time with you wont carry through to next gen. Especially when your competitors have been working on harnessing next gen tech and you're relying on your brand and brand alone.

aim4dabushiz1993d ago

this will be an exclusive map for approximately 8 days! dont fall for the hype...

aim4dabushiz1993d ago

freefall ironically is where this franchise is heading!

Summons751993d ago

Will it be like the bonus map for blops 2 and be taken out of the game shortly after release? good promotion their guys, almost as good as not updating the game ever gameplay or engine wise....only fools buy this game

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The story is too old to be commented.