Microsoft white space device fails FCC testing

Engadget writes:

Although several other companies have submitted white space devices to the FCC -- we know Philips has one in, and Google's making a lot of noise about new and improved reference designs -- it looks like Microsoft's run of bad luck with the tech continues, with yet another white space transceiver unexpectedly failing during FCC tests last week.

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TrevorPhillips3759d ago

anything that microsoft builds always has a failure to it

ruibing3759d ago

...must resist...follow up comment...too tempting...too easy...

wageslave3759d ago

"anything that microsoft builds always has a failure to it"
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N4G is stupid.

wulan3759d ago

XP defective

VISTA defective

x360--100% defective

ruibing3759d ago

Well XP got better...after a LOT of patching, it seems MS is really into the idea of getting a product out early and fixing any and all problems through patches. Well this might (I stress might) be fine for software product, this kind of thinking just doesn't work for a company looking to break into the hardware electronics industry.

wulan3759d ago

I use Fedora Core 6 and i never had a CRASH...not even once in my life .

Updates on XP doesnt fix the IE from frequent crashing

I use MOzilla and on very rare occasions i get a crash. However the same cant be said for IE.

Vista by default allocates over 50% of your memory chunk . Now thats a GARBAGE OS .

Typically windows need a lot of dynamic libraries who eats up memory spaces.

This is why a game like Assassin's Creed needs so much mem on windows

Breakfast3759d ago

lol....great pic!

You think hes talkn about Scientology?

Breakfast3759d ago

1 disagree?...apparently Tom Cruise is on these forums too.

meepmoopmeep3759d ago

lmao... the pic is hilarious

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The story is too old to be commented.