SCEA: Portable Copy Hitting PSP Later This Year

Kotaku writes:

After posting the PC World rumour earlier this month saying Portable Copy was going to be hitting the PS3 and PSP last week (and then finding out that, no it wasn't) I got a hold of Sony to find out what the time frame looked like.

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TrevorPhillips3675d ago

so you can copy from ps3 to psp isnt that copyrighting?

Genesis53675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Do you mean copyright infringement? No I don't think so if it's for personal use.

Be pretty good for a portable way to watch movies though wouldn't it.

TrevorPhillips3675d ago

yeh i know it would be mad :)

Mr_Kuwabara3675d ago

Yeah I thought that when I downloaded the latest firmware it was going to have that feature.

TrevorPhillips3675d ago

man for version 2.20 they should of added ps2 compatible for the 40gig ps3

Stinkinmushroom3675d ago

not possible via software only..

thor3675d ago

Oh it's _possible_ to emulate the ps2 through software, and the ps3 is surely powerful enough to do that, but I would imagine that doing so would take a great deal of effort on sony's part and if they did put in that effort we'd end up with a really buggy emulator.

Note that _even if_ you could write an emulator that _in theory_ would work flawlessly, many games wouldn't work because lots of the ps2 games likely had bugs that were 'hidden' purely because of some hardware quirk in the ps2 preventing them from surfacing. (You get this all the time in programming; one minute your program is running fine, then you change some unrelated piece of code and because the memory structure is different it crashes. Really annoying!)

m91058263675d ago

It could certainly be done with software only, and I would bet you money that by the end of the PS3's lifecycle it will have been done. Any architecture can be software emulated, provided you have the correct code and a powerful enough processor. Some day, Deep Blue (the supercomputer) could be emulated on a sufficiently powerful laptop; it's all relative to the times.

meepmoopmeep3675d ago

it's a nice feature to have for sure. i probably won't use it much but it's nice to have when you're planning to be on the road for a long time.

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The story is too old to be commented.