Deus Ex: HR – Director’s Cut Dated for September 30th and Priced at $29.99 by GameStop

Well, without hearing official news from Square Enix just yet, it looks like retailers have leaked all the important information still left for the Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut. - PSLS

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ftwrthtx1932d ago

This is a great game and that's a great price.

turgore1931d ago

I got the regular one for 20 bucks. A year ago.

TrendyGamers1932d ago

$30 is way better than the $50 for the Wii U one.

Theyellowflash301931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

They will launch at the same price...Square Enix would be crazy not to.

dbjj120881932d ago

$30 is an amazing price for this game.

Concertoine1932d ago

Wow, im sure the wii u version is better but if people have both systems and aren't informed of the wii u versions superiority, they're going to go for the cheaper one. There go the little sales they hoped for, christ.
Go ahead and scratch off another dev off the wii u list

TedCruzsTaint1931d ago

It will be dumb for them not to release the update as a form of DLC, at a reduced price, for previous owners of the game.

Agent_00_Revan1931d ago

Agreed. I love this game. Even played it for the 4th time last month. And I got really excited when they announced it for all systems and not just WiiU.

But then I got to thinking about the fact that I would have to buy the whole game again. And then original copy that I loved so much would now become useless. I wish it was just DLC, and I had the option to choose which version.

KwietStorm1931d ago

Yea really. I have the collector's edition. One of my favorite games in years, but I should be able to just add on.

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The story is too old to be commented.