TEKKEN REVOLUTION gets 1M+ downloads, special event

TEKKEN REVOLUTION surpassed 1 million downloads, as announced by NAMCO BANDAI Game Director and Chief Producer Katsuhiro Harada today. As a thank you, players will be able to participate in a special event to earn extra G, Fight Money, and other manner of in-game currency starting today and lasting until the 8th of July.

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Need4Game1966d ago


Abash1966d ago

Jin getting added is awesome neews

CLOUD19831966d ago

where did u see that? o.O because that's what I want to see new char's! not extra money from fights..

Abash1966d ago


That link says Jin and Xiaoyu are getting added

Abriael1965d ago

@Abash: that's quite nice. Jin is my favorite between tekken's characters

CLOUD19831965d ago

The prob is the new Jin (new I mean after TTT) play completely different than the old, I want Devil Jin in order to play him like he once was before NAMCO mess with him & make him a completely different character :/

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EvilFluff911966d ago

As a massive fan of Tekken I'm very happy with this news, I hope a lot of the downloads were from new players so the fan base can expand, Tekken deserves to go for another 20 years.

fardan851965d ago

I do hope that the fan base will expand, and people will learn to play properly. I want to see new installments.
I want Heihachi in the game.

HammadTheBeast1963d ago

It needs some balancing though. Kazuya Devil form is completely OP.

1966d ago
Redempteur1965d ago

now with the kazuya laser spammers , we'll have jin too..

fardan851965d ago

Just react properly to lasers. duck or side step "depends on the laser move" then punish. Keep in mind that the Kazuya standing-laser require less time to recover, Just like Tek Tag 2.

Redempteur1965d ago

every match is not perfect , there are cheap way to win when there is lag ( and it happens ) and those moment happen .. not to mention the invicible frammes. You'd realise that those kazuya players utilise always the same pattern and it's not a problem for me's just annoying to see the same thing every time you encounter that character online.

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