Planetside 2 - Battle Island Screenshots

Sony Online Entertainment has released some stunning screenshots to show off the Nexus Battle Island for Planetside 2.

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MysticStrummer1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Nice. Here's the Battle Island video.

Oops that video is linked beneath the screenshots also, so here's a time lapse video of the regular environments. ; )

nikrel1931d ago

I love this game, so intense at times.

HammadTheBeast1931d ago

Anyone know how many players are allowed on this island and if it'll be on PS4?

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1931d ago

as far as ive heard all of planetside 2s features are coming to ps4 this map though seems to be smaller than the average planetside map so might be a smaller player count on it but the average player count per map is 2000

MysticStrummer1931d ago

It's definitely coming to PS4.

From what I've read the intent is to have seven main continents and these battle islands to connect them. If one faction completely controls one continent and another faction controls the next in the chain, then those two factions would fight on the connecting battle island for the right to have a foothold on the other's continent. I think that's what they're saying anyway.

The Battle Islands are definitely for two factions to fight on instead of all three, and the player count will be smaller.

saggysack791931d ago

i dont know exactly how many players,but i was playing on pc and when i looked at the leaderboard i was 250th lol, so its quite alot.

and yes it is coming to ps4 CANT WAIT

Gran Touring1931d ago

The nexus battle island map(s?) are 48 vs 48 with only 2 factions fighting each other. These maps are also going to be the place for esports matches.

Gran Touring1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

2000 for the main continental battling, which is the way PS2 is currently running right now, and won't change for the PS4 version. The nexus maps are primarily there for esports ala mlg

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cunnilumpkin1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

this game is so cool on pc, it is unlike any game out there! I love that its free to play and lets you earn everything with in-game money!

Kudos to SOE, amazing, incredible game!

I'm glad console players will get to experience a game of this scope and caliber. The pc is loaded with games of this quality but on console it seems so rare.

every multiplayer console shooter I have ever played feels so limited and small and has such low res graphics

hopefully ps4 will change that, it sure sounds like it will!

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