Are Games Progressing?

NowGamer: ''E3 has come and gone, new titles are on the way… but are games moving in the right direction?''

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DigitallyAfflicted1963d ago

Definitely! We just easily forget what the old games use to be like. Games progress in: Depth, graphics and accessibility (any one can play games now, because games got easier). Im 35 years old now and we used to be a special kind back then now i know people older then me who have consoles and they just casuals.

I can see new trend in games just starting the end of this gen and becoming more and more popular, those games are like WoW and CoD and others games like GT5, LBP and Forza4 etc... Games which you can play endlessly, forever until you turn so fat you die :)

WalterWJR1962d ago

Absolutely, I played gears of war 3 a couple of days ago after playing the majority of my games on PC for the last year. It looked dated and ran so bad I turned it off within 5 minutes.

Aery1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

We are living an awesome gaming age.
Gamers just don't have to limit only to the one genre or platform because there are so so many games for everyone taste!

Utalkin2me1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Seems you have your priorities mixed up if you ask me.

But to the title, Thats a rhetorical question.....

WalterWJR1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

How, can you explain what you mean?

I do play PS3 as well as PC, I am selling my old 360 and wanted to test the games I have. When you are used to 60fps on PC playing a game running at 15fps is a complete lag. I am not saying all games run bad on console but they certainly got worse as this generation moved on.

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peanut721962d ago

Many of the same promises are being made this next generation that were made last generation. Especially in terms of AI. Different buzz words but the same concepts. Maybe if we held their feet to the fire for past promises. I dont know.

blanket141962d ago

TLOU is a step forward with AI if you haven't played it I suggest you try it out!

warewolfSS1962d ago

Feel better you got that out?

Foxgod1962d ago

Iteration is indeed not progression, however a sequel is not just an iteration.

Many sequels have been welcome additions to gaming.
And when it comes to Forza, i rather have a new forza, then having these guys start over to work on another racer, starting over would be a waste of valuable resources.

mydyingparadiselost1962d ago

This is a really good read, very insightful.

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