U.K. launches trade war against Canada over video game industry

"With billions of dollars at stake in the entertainment world's fastest-growing business, the British government is launching a trade battle with Canada over tax credits being used to expand this country's video game industry."

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Breakfast3763d ago

War?...You think Canada's gonna send peace keepers?

toughNAME3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Too many thoughts going through my head to make a legible comment. But even as a joke I don't appreciate that comment TBH

EDIT - lmao douche I had to read that a few times before I realized the doot aboot it

mighty_douche3763d ago

Yeah, what you talking aboot?

sorry to much SouthPark.

Breakfast3763d ago

Sorry bout the comment if you took offense. It was a joke, I am Canadian.

toughNAME3763d ago

lol I had a feeling, Canadians make the best jokes about Canada

Genesis53763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I'm not exactly sure what a trade war between us and Britain
would consist of. I don't think we trade a lot of manufatured goods. Do we?

Oh well. As they say on South Park. Blame it on Canada we have big shoulders

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mighty_douche3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

tax credits and the UK. Not two things you hear in a sentence everyday.

ravinash3763d ago

I love the way the Uk hits on the game industry for years and then gets all up set when another country give them a good deal and they all go there.
Rather than answer with their own benefits to keep the companies, they try to make a legal move to stop Canada from giving these credits.

nirwanda3763d ago

You do if your a farmer or on benefits
Seriously though they have tax credits for a dieing industry like farming where we don't have the climate to grow stuff efficiently why not have it for a growing industry like computer games where the government would have a profitable exports and get alot more back from income tax.

toughNAME3763d ago

With masterpieces like Assassin's Creed from Ubisoft Montreal, Europe should be jealous


Atomic3763d ago

are you being sarcastic ? Assassin's creed blew and was mediocre with tons of bugs and glitches .
Canada can't compete with the UK
Fable 2
Burnout series
Tomb raider
Heavenly sword
>>all by British developers

Atomic3763d ago

Oh! i forgot Little big planet , the most creative game in recent years

Xibot3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

mass effect
prince of persia
tom clancy splinter cell (along with most others tc games)
never winter nights
baldurs gate

all Canadian.

toughNAME3763d ago

Clearly I was being sarcastic, I wasn't looking for someone to spout out a list to me

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No FanS Land3763d ago

I like My city (montreal) we rock with almost always good games. Ubi soft MTL currently has ~1,400 employees and intends to reach 3,000 by 2012, So europe better get some powerful counter plan if they don't want to lose more people.

Breakfast3763d ago

Canada's the place to work

Sir Ken Kutaragi 23763d ago

Is that photo the Real Queen? Or a Virtual Reality one!!! ;-D

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