10 Incredible Sounding Games We Never Got To Play

WC - I can only speak for myself, but I find that one of the best parts of being a gamer is the pre-release anticipation one feels while waiting for a new game. Scouring the internet for video footage and previews, setting aside a pre-order and just getting stoked to play it in general. Of course, not all games see the light of day, and there’s a flip side to every coin, so just as sweet as it is to follow a new game, it’s equally sour to see it cancelled. The demise of an eagerly awaited title is always a sad thing, some games aren’t even cancelled out right, leaving gamers wondering for years about the title’s fate.

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theWB271988d ago

#5 True Fantasy Live Online was the first mmorpg I was going to get into. To be able to be a shopkeeper and build your own store or go out and be a fighter. So sad. Along with Shenmue 3.