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SG writes: Even with my varied taste in the quirks that come with Asian media, Deadly Premonition: Directors Cut is just too odd of a mix between crazy and boredom. Knowing that there is in fact a following for this title, I cannot say that this game has no appeal, but for anyone like-minded I would stay far away from this title. In fact, run the other way.

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listenkids1965d ago

It deserves better than this, so says, Mr Stewart.

mydyingparadiselost1965d ago

It seems someone doesn't get that it's supposed to be a game with poor mechanics and quirky outdated gameplay. Even the 'additions' of the directors cut enforce this design. It's not for everyone, that's for sure, but its a game that sticks with its vision and and pulls the player in with its oddball story and unique lead character. What do you think, Zack?

Kran1965d ago

but HOW does that make sense?!

"lets make a game where everything is broken,you can't see 90% of what's happening with a terribly told story"

developers have been making games like that for years and yet it's only this game that gets the "its so bad its good" feedback from players -_-'

it really annoys me.

mydyingparadiselost1965d ago

Ok, I'm guessing you are the reviewer so let me start by saying your review IS completely fair, there's a reason this has been the most polarizing games of this generation and you touched on pretty much all of them in this review.
That being said I'll start by saying you and Swery are, from what I can tell, two sides of the same coin. You are into cult style Asian culture while Swery is into American cult culture and this is the angle the game is designed from. The mentions of various cult movies while York drives around in his car( Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Tremors), the TV show that this game rips many of its character ideas from (Twin Peaks) and the stupid/crazy storyline all pay homage to that particular style of American culture and are supposed to be viewed as such. I personaly love the kooky characters and nonsense story, but that is more a matter of taste than anything else.
The gameplay and crap mechanics are what seem to get most people all upset with the game and my take on it is, much like the cult movies mentioned early, it provides the game character simply through those flawed mechanics. Movies like AKT, Tremors or The Rocky Horror Picture Show are riddled with awful acting, stupid production choices and mind numbing dialogue but it is also because of those things that these movies have the cult fans they do. If RHPS had great acting, top notch writing and made any kind of sense at all would it ever had received the following it has today? Since a huge part of games is how they play I think the idea was to make crap mechanics on purpose to give it character, much like the aforementioned movies. Especially the map, the map is so bad it becomes almost essential to familiarize yourself with Greenvale in order to get around properly and in doing so this awful game element can actually help in the immersion of driving around a small town from place to place.
Have you ever played any other game like this, ever? In an industry where most games are rehashes with the same ideas and designs with slight alteration Swery was able to create a game that is wholly original from the rest of this, or maybe any, generation of games and succeeded in making a cult classic molded from American influences of the same nature, and like all cult classics alot of people have just been left shaking their heads wondering what the big deal is. So don't be upset, just try to see there is a reasoning behind the madness. I'm sure you've met alot of people that can't fathom what makes Asian cult offerings entertaining, now you'll just have to accept that with DP your on the other side of the fencing, shaking your head wondering what the big deal is. :)
Oh, AND I've played both versions and the 360 one is just as 'bad' as the PS version for the most part except on PS there are alot of framerate issues, the mini map can be increased in size, the old York segements were added in and it costs 20 bucks more.

Pozzle1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Honestly, it does sound like the reviewer was complaining for the sake of complaining. Yes, Deadly Premonition has many genuine problems (e.g. the gameplay is downright clunky, the graphics are atrocious and sometimes it's hard to hear the audio). And it is a very love-it-or-hate-it type of game, so I can understand why someone would give it a low score.

But this reviewer also complains about things that were obviously intentional. Long dialogue scenes, weird music cues, abrupt tonal shifts, "WTF moments", etc. All of that stuff was obviously intentional. Hell, most of it is directly inspired by Twin Peaks. Why are games like MGS4 applauded for having long dialogue cutscenes, but games like Deadly Premonition are berated for the very same thing? (Personally I loved hearing York rattle off facts about old 80s movies and ramble about how much he loves coffee).

I personally like Deadly Premonition because it's ambitious. The developers clearly had a vision, and even though it didn't work out perfectly, there's still a charm to it that shows how much the developers cared about the story they wanted to tell. This isn't a case of a game being bad because the developers were lazy or just wanted to make a quick cash-in. There is love behind this project.

Tbh, I'd rather see more games like Deadly Premonition than a bunch of generic, brown, Call of Duty ripoffs. At least the DP devs took a risk to make something unique in the game industry, despite knowing it had a high chance of bombing badly. They weren't just trying to cash-in on the latest gaming fad and that's something that should be applauded imo.

Heisenburger1965d ago

I think there was some "fk" in this guys coffee.

Plus the letters u, c, an o, and two f's.