Sony’s Shahid Ahmad and Shuhei Yoshida Sing Their Love for Indie Developers

It’s no mystery that Sony is pushing very actively to bring as many independent developers on board with the PS4, and Sony executives spare no effort in showing their love for independent games. Between the people working the most actively with the indie community there’s SCEE Senior Business Development Manager Shahid Ahmad and SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida

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strigoi8141870d ago

psvita is a good handheld to show indie games..

Abriael1870d ago

To be honest every platform is good for indie games, the more platforms, the more money they get. Of course some don't wanna embrace them...

Kanzes1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

I hope every indies that i buy on PS4 will be cross-buy to my Vita

abzdine1870d ago

that's kind of a need feature for me! when they say always connected and social features the first thing that pops to my mind is X-game PS4/Vita/PS3

Th4Freak1870d ago

I'm concerned about the Vita, I had a little chat with Sahid in twitter a couple of days ago and he doesn't realize that none of us paid $250-$300 to play Indie games, most of us bought it because Sony promised us a PS3 on the go, and don't get me wrong here, i love indie games but i can play these games on my pc and my phone.

Sahid has done an exceptional job but he's not keeping a balance between indies and AAA and I think its because he's into games development right now and he feels identified with indie devs so he wants to make indie games something big, and that cool but going full indie games isn't the right way.

If i'd know that this was going to happen i'd never bought a PSV and I don't regret of buying it, because i've had tons of fun and still having but 90% of my games are imported because we get nothing but lazy ports and indie games while Japan gets all the awesome games that never will get localized. I love my Vita but if nothing good besides KZ and Tearaway comes out this year i'd probably sell it by the next year.

BABY-JEDI1870d ago

I guess sometimes people have to change their strategy with hope to inspire both the developers & the consumers

PSjesus1870d ago

Vita is a powerful little device,even though i like Indie games i can play them on any phone or handheld,the system needs support from big publishers.

Lockhart1870d ago

Didn't I read this yesterday?

o-Sunny-o1870d ago

I want to play that one game that Conan O'Brien was thinking of when Major Nelson was talking to him. I guess its a PS4 game tho.

tubers1870d ago

It's Hohokum.. it's a PS3/PS4/PSV PSN title.

BuffMordecai1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

I want Jamestown on Vita sooo bad. Its a badass indie game. yEl294