Payday 2 is "really, really, really freakin' hard" | Gamereactor UK

GR-UK writes: At this year's E3 Gillen McAllister caught up with Payday 2's game director, David Goldfarb, and found out about some of the changes coming in the co-op heist sequel.

"We've made the Dark Souls of heist games," Goldfarb tells us during our interview. "I'm a big RPG nerd type guy, and I'd been playing a lot of Dark Souls and Diablo II."

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JKelloggs1992d ago

Same as the first one then

madara0sama1992d ago

Yeah this game required great teamwork and skills to beat it on the the hardest difficulty.

JKelloggs1992d ago

Even on Normal it's a pain when you find a game with randomers, hope matchmaking is improved with this one, hated it when you joined people without a mic, or they were from a different country, making the mic obsolete with directions and such

Sizzon1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

The first one is already very hard, Heat Street is no joke.

Like infinite police spawns all time time.