The Vita’s easiest and hardest platinums

Punk and Lizard writes:"Here we take a look at the hardest and easiest PS Vita platinums out there. We have honed it down to just a hand full of games. So if you are new to the Vita or simply want your trophy collection to take a hassle free boost, or know which games might cause a migraine attack, then read on."

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remanutd551966d ago

I think Resistance Burning Skies is easy and ModNation Road Trip is hard.

ziggurcat1966d ago

modnation isn't that hard to get the trophies... the problem is that they included online trophies that are horribly based on being in the same room as your opponent(s). so, not only does it rely on people/friends in your area owning a vita, but also that they own the game as well.

and since i'm not in the situation where i live where people i know own the game, let alone a vita, all of the online trophies are inaccessible for me to obtain.

had it been like the PS3 modnation, i'd at least have a fighting chance.

J0Scorpionake1966d ago

Ashphalt Injection looks pretty easy get platinum trophy :)

Minimox161966d ago

yeah it is :D, the only problem its to win 100 online match, but you can get it in Ad-hoc with other vita.

Th4Freak1966d ago

MGS2 platinum trophy is freaking hard.

Goro1966d ago

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 1 & 2 are the hardest Vita platinums no doubt

despair1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Yup, I will never even attempt them. Those are the ones that will have you ripping your own hair out with frustration.

Gamesgbkiller1966d ago

Soul Sacrifice has some good trophies.

Kinda easy if you put some time into it.

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