GameEnthus Podcast ep146: BFGlee or Cognitive Crowbar

We are joined by Kevo(@CyberSoulja) from and Henry(@KNOXbroadcast) from this week. Kevo really likes Battlefield 3. Henry somehow manages to like Battlefield 3 and Kinect. Mike (@AssaultSuit) battles a lawn mower and Aaron(@Ind1fference) has seen way too many movies. We also talk about: Hotline Miami, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Dead Pool, World, War Z, Xbox One, PS4, The Last of Us, Game and Wario, Injustice, Rayman Jungle Run, This is The End, Marvel vs DC, BattleTech, AbleGamers 2013, Half-Life 3, One Finger Death Punch, Spartacus Legends, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kinect Sports and more.

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oldassgamer1966d ago

Please don't tease me with the grenade from BFBC...

gedapeleda1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Yeah I want a sequel to bc1 so bad.

ind1fference1966d ago

I never really got into any BF game. I don't stick to any shooter for that long.