PS3 Third, Blu-Ray Player First on CNET's Top 5

On this months CNET top 5 most wanted gadget list, the Sony Playstation 3 took home third place while Panasonic's BD-Live player finished in the first position. So much for the whole "digital downloads are the future" decry from HD-DVD camp.

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Breakfast3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago ) the summary...

"So much for the whole "digital downloads" decry from HD-DVD camp."

Did that REALLY have to be there.

sonarus3638d ago

lol yea wat he said. Nice to see so many people looking at BR players. Still i say they need a price cut to really get moving

Breakfast3638d ago

Price cut would help...but its gonna sell regardless.

sonarus3638d ago

The sooner people start adopting blu ray, the better. A price cut is simply a catalyst to speed it on proper. Its pretty much confirmed though that blu ray players will hit 300 before the end of the yr

Breakfast3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

When HD-TVs drop in price, more people will be inclined to buy a blu-ray. Itll be marketed as the only way to get your hd-movies (although up-scaling works pretty well, too) But its not 'True HD'

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HarryEtTubMan3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

hahahhaha PS3 is about to say BRING IT ON BOTS HAHAHAHHAHA

Wait until holiday seaon this year... the PS3 will have a price cut... It will have released about 10 AAA games this year(Exclusives and Multiplatform).... just wait BOTS.. Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 are gonna PWN Halo. I mean be as good and porbably better. Wait and see. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAA Holiday Saeson 2008 will be the PS3 utterly destroying the 360 in sales.... just wait until 2009... its going to get much worse, Sony isn't even trying to win yet hahhahahahahahhahaha

Wait.... where is the Xbox 360 on that list???It couldn't even make the top 10!!! hahahahah BOTS

Kaz Hirai3638d ago

You BLOATED PIGS really do make me laugh! I don't see your UGLY MESS of a "console" on this list! You know why? Because it's YESTERDAY'S NEWS!
Just like Nazisoft! Just like Halo! Just like Gears of War! Just like YOU!

PIGS- it's over, your console's a dud,
The Sony Soldiers will come for your blood,
King Kaz spits on your "console" of choice,
He will run you down in his Rolls-Royce!


Sir Ken Kutaragi 23638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

MGS4,KillZone2,GT5:Prologue (Out now),Resistance2,RE5(Maybe),
GTA4(+Exclusive PS3 DLC&HOME Exclusive Content) ;-P ,
L.B.P,MotorStorm2,HaZe,FIFA 2009(JOKE!) ;-D etc etc...
+FREE HOME,FREE PSN,PSN Games,Blu-ray Player Built-in...

xplosneer3638d ago

The PS3 should still be #1 as it's cheap, BD LIVE, and games. :|

Coffin873638d ago

who cares about what cnet says.. i don't even exactly know who they are (i'm german)...

serously, what does this say us?? NOTHING.
is this in any way relevant to the fun we have with our ps3? NO.

so whatever the f* ....

Breakfast3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

cnet pretty you being German might have something to do with you not knowing them. Theyre a really good tech site.

Mr_Kuwabara3638d ago

There not rating the PS3 as whole; but its blu ray player add on so take a chill pill. =P

Asurastrike3638d ago

This list is based on what CNet READERS are voting for.

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