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Life After Journey for ThatGameCompany

Jenova Chen uncovers some tantalising hints about the new title along with positive expectations for Xbox One’s Kinect controller. (E3, Flower, Journey, PS3, thatgamecompany, Xbox One)

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Timesplitter14  +   446d ago
I think they should keep doing "game-like" games like Journey instead of the more experimental Flower.

A Zelda-like game using Journey's engine would be amazing
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abzdine  +   446d ago
what a boring interview it made me tired just by listening to those two!
-Alpha  +   446d ago
It's pretty obvious that they want to go third party.

It's interesting that he seems to favour Kinect integration. Both Kojima and Chen have stated interest for Kinect use, it'd be cool to see what they could do, as they seem most likely to make some good use of Kinect features.

Hopefully it's not Kinect-dependent entirely.. I'm somewhat concerned with how TGC seems to be talking about their future, since it sounds to be heading in the opposite direction of their Sony-exclusive games.
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Hicken  +   446d ago
They've always BEEN third party. They just had a three-game deal with Sony.

I don't really care what they do for their next game; as long as it's available on a PS(or Nintendo, I guess) console, I'll buy it.

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