Honesty Box E03: Max Payne 3

This week Oli looks at Max Payne 3...

Topics discussed include the overall lack of characterization, the stifling amount of sheer bravado, and the GTA shooting mechanics that only further remind us that Max can’t drive, swim, or go anywhere within those very linear, funneled levels.

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Subby1966d ago

I wasn't impressed with this game, not since Max was revealed a dishevelled-bald guy #7489 until release. No amount of Rockstar fanboying can gloss over the fact it wasn't a true Max Payne game.

ZacE1966d ago

I have to disagree; I thought it was great and felt like a Max Payne game to me.

masterabbott1966d ago

funny as this one haha the doom 3 one is even better (episode 4)