Screwattack: Top 10 FF games (includes must see ff history)

A short enchanced must see version of Screwattack's submission sunday video. If you want the full version visit Screwattack

THIS is what ScrewAttack is about: g1s of different races, nationalities and dialects from all over the world coming together to make one piece of awesomeness because they have one thing in common. They are gamers.

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cloud360-7th_account3764d ago

this is an enchanced short edited version of screwattack top 10 ff games

the list however has not been edited. thank your for watching

FF fans help me get back on my feet, if you have time spare me some bubbles.

Harry1903764d ago

when the music started,at no2,
the greatest of them all.nothing
matches this game,nothing,you
can't explain love,you can only feel it.
one day i fell in love with a game,
i still am,and this bond is unbreakable.
i don't care if they think ff6 was better.i
am not deep into 2d and snes nostalgia.
i simply never felt this way playing any other game,
twice i felt this awesome exquisite feeling today,
i guess i'll just go and bash Emerald some more.
no1 in my heart:FF7.

Bonsai12143764d ago

i'm so happy they ranked vi above vii. it truly is the best ff game.

like i'd welcome a ffvi remake more than a ffvii. but thats not to say i wouldn't want a ffvii remake too..

Luca Blight3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Unfortunately, I disagree with you on your remake stance. I think Square should definitely remake FF7 over FF6. FF6 is perfect the way it is whereas FF7 could benefit drastically from visual improvements. FF6 had a certain charm in its visual style that transcends time (like Chrono Trigger). IMO, it just wouldn't be the same game if its unique look was supplanted with a modern high-res White Knight Story-esque look (although that game looks pretty awesome).

I hope most FF6 fans agree with me. FF6 should not be remade!

And, for what it's worth, my favorite Final Fantasies are:
1. FF6
2. FF4
3. FF Tactics
4. FF5
5. FF Mystic Quest!

Bonsai12143764d ago

i do agree that its 16bit graphics had its great charm, but i would love to see terra, celes, locke, sabin, edgar, etc remade in hi def. it holds such a grand place in my heart that i want a ffvi remake more than an ffvii one.

however, if i play ffvii over again (haven't played it again since my first playthrough) maybe nostalgia will hit me and make me want a remake of that too

ianp6223764d ago

Where are those narrators from? Some are horrible.

I'm glad they put FFX at 3rd place, it was my favorite, with FFVI coming in 2nd. I seem to be the only one who was bored by FFVII, so I can understand them putting it 2nd.

Bonsai12143764d ago

i think they pieced together youtube review vids.

Mr_Kuwabara3764d ago

Final Fantasy X was my favorite.

Still remember the Hymn of Faith

kira9893763d ago

I still go outside and whistle to the horizon... Just in case... lol

callahan093764d ago

Sometimes I just want to see the list and not watch a whole video. Would anybody please post the list ? I'd appreciate it.

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