Bungie Weekly Update: Free to Be, Flip the Switch, Your Favorite Things and The Reason You Came

"The Heroic Maps are free and available now on Xbox Live Marketplace.

"MLG (Major League Gaming), for unaware folks, is an organization dedicated to competitive gaming at the highest level. Using the Forge they've taken Halo 3's maps and gametypes and distilled them down into a focused series matches requiring teamwork, accuracy and coordination.

"Bungie Favorites is going to see a considerable overhaul and revamp in the coming months.

"there have been subtle improvements made too. You're going to find far more problems fixed with Blackout than meet the eye and the fact is it feels precisely the way it did before, give or take the odd jump.

"people are going to be pretty excited about some of the Forge elements included in Blackout too – including a couple of nifty but vital surprises that can completely change the way the map flows and feels." writes lukems of

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i Shank u3641d ago

so glad i waited for these maps to become free. thats the price they're worth sadly : (

ichimaru3641d ago

the maps were well worth money, but i agree. i am happy they r free