Bonus Round: GTA IV Console Battle

What version will win the GTA IV battle, 360 or PS3?

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alster233618d ago

agreed, when ifirst got gta sa i only played through half of the fisrt city then i just screwed around in it. then i played misions again till i had to learn to fly then i stopped. i finally finished it last summer.

callahan093618d ago

I've never finished one, haha.

power of Green 3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

That leaves us with alot of people that do finish the game as if what you're talking about by saying folks don't finish the game has anything to do what we'll be getting.

Finish" when it comes to how complete the games is after beating the story missions/story arc is not the samething as just ignoring alot of the jerk off side mission/tasks.
Twist all you wan't from what has been said whats coming to the 360 are major expansion paks not side mission people ignor after beating the main story arc.

Hell even I did the samething with Saints Row I beat the Story missions wishing there was more and ignored the pimping the bi*ches missions etc, I was at 80% complete when I stopped playing it.

What you guys are saying to comfort yourselfs is commical. Downplaying the 360's DLC as simple side mission you don't complete anyways lol(yet some of you say folks will buy a console based on this game alone).

masterg3618d ago

@power of Green

I think you think "normal" people know more than they do.

I have had both consoles since they came out.
Now for the first time in the years I have had them are my friend starting to buy consoles. Well they are starting to buy PS3's. This month 2 of my friends have bought one and 2 are talking about buying one.
None of them knows GTA4 is coming out on anything else than the PS3, so thinking DLC will matter one bit to the casual consumer is dead wrong.

I think MS made a mistake on this one. The should have used the $50mill on one or two great IPs. DLC is a plus but it will not move any consoles.

mesh13618d ago

PACHER REMINDS ME OF A DASD WITH NO KNOWLEGDE OF THE GASMING OF TODay he makes 0 sense also some key words in this episode ,gta4 was delayed cause of the sony machine, the 360 is the lead playform of gta 4= they choose the most powerfull machine to build gta4 that was a decision by rockstar to build gta 4 on the 360 then post it to the ps3 also they also mention the exclusive dlc episode for the 360.

kevin11223618d ago

i really dont get how people can talk about grand theft auto expansion, you still dont know what exactly it is. And how they are so closed lip about it makes me think it wont be something great.

QuackPot3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

I just got bored of bashing, killing, racing, flying etc for....well...bad

But completely enjoyed the sandbox of Mercenaries and will pass on GTA to pickup Mercenaries 2 to bash, kill, race, fly etc for....well....mostly good. Pesky drug and arms dealers. lol.

Alcaponeyou3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

to be honest, i never finish a mgs or a ff game. i just played for fun.
the only game i play over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over
again was sc and diablo and dota.
so here's to waiting for sc2 and diablo 3.

IzKyD13313618d ago

lol, i didnt beat GTA san andreas until like 4 months after i bought it, i beat like 70 missions, then after i just ran around shooting cops

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masterg3618d ago

Pacther is dead on i this one.
A lot of times I don't agree with him, but I think he said everything just like it's going to happen.

TheExecutive3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

Well now that i have seen the new video I agree with you completely. I usually disagree with him too but I think hes nailed it. GTA is a PS brand. Along with the momentum the PS3 has GTA will sell more consoles on the PS side of things.

alster233618d ago

patcher totally right i asked one of my friend why he got a ps3 and he said for gta4

callahan093618d ago

I think Pachter is generally pretty knowledgeable. I think his 350k for 360, 500k for PS3 prediction is going to be pretty accurate. Even if the numbers themselves aren't accurate, I do think the ratio will be. He didn't mention this, but GT5 Prologue is going to be a pretty big influence there, too, in my estimation.

alster233618d ago

id like agree that only hardcore gamers will be interested in the DLC. to the general public i think they dont even know that exculsive DLC even exists.

alster233618d ago

dont forget dualshock 3

actas1233618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

Yep Patcher is right. Last night I asked one of my friends why he got a Ps3 and he said Patcher told him to do so. So yeh.. lol

TriggerHippie3618d ago

And MGS4 in a couple months.

whoelse3618d ago

Lol. He contradicted himself. Hes only just gone about saying that he think the 360 will outsell the PS3 version 2:1!

dragunrising3618d ago

A price drop on the 360. When did n4g become such a haven for Sony "exclusive" gamers? Its like they flock here, take over this site and make it sound like everything Sony related is the best. I own a ps2/3 and psp and its hard to swallow some of the things that are said in the name of "gamer zone".

TheExecutive3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

A price drop for the 360 would spur sales but there are two questions that would need to be asked.

1.) How long would it spur sales for?
2.) would it actually entice last gen gaming owners to effectively switch consoles for this calendar year? (they would be unlikely to buy two consoles in the same year)

1.) Personally I think it would spur sales for 3 weeks and then fall off again
2.) I dont think it would persuade those who have been waiting to jump into the next gen to choose the 360 over the ps3. Ps2 owners have been waiting a long time for this game to come out and they have been waiting for it to come out on the ps3. Ask any ps2 owner what brand they are thinking about going with

On another note: have you ever considered a price drop for the ps3 around the middle of this month? Now that they have cut the price of production for the ps3 in half they are in a comparable position to MS to lower their price.

I dont think they will, I think they will come out with new features (possible HOME open beta or in-game XMB) before they drop the price this early in the year; but they can and will if they find it necessary.

So yeah i thought about it, but i wonder about the efficacy of such a move from MS.

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Mr Playboy3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

and I need to get the best copy which is the xbox360 version

I can't wait

TheExecutive3618d ago

well i somewhat agree. but after about 90 hours of playing this ONE game I will be sick of it. Moving on to:

White Knight

brothersimon3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

Indeed. 360 w/ DLC = best thing to happen in april.

Lmfao @ TheExecutive.. lame excuse... people still play GTASA to this day

power of Green 3618d ago

Anybody can throw up a list of games. Adding value to a game later on is great news to gamers. Go play those games and I'll play whats coming to me doesn't change the fact I can put GTA4 in the Xbox months later and enjoy new gameplay after those games you mention are collecting dust.

TurdStationPee3618d ago

lmao @ fanboys pretending they don't want new expansions. almost as funny as them pretending to want kiddy big pedophile. hilarious! :)

Sir Ken Kutaragi 23618d ago

LAUGHABLE!(Like the xBox 360 Console!!!) ;-D
PS3 version is 60 times bigger! ;-D
PS3 version has One Million hours of game play! ;-D
PS3 version has 6000 more Weapons! ;-D
(GOD! i sound like a xBox Lemming!who thinks he has played it?!?!)

Varsarus3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

but the latest trailer had REALLY bad frame rates and wasn't it played on the 360? because the others have been HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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niall773618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )


once may is over its all PS3 until gears2.

the ps3 will have MGS4, Little big plannet motorstorm2, resistance2 and maybe Killzone2 before the next big 360 game.

so in the long run the ps3 will keep the lead its been having over the 360.

alster233618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

i think LBP and resistane 2 will be released in november to fight gears 2

Bigrhyno3618d ago

Gears will sell a lot, but I don't see it moving many consoles. The PS3 is going to have a bunch of new and returning franchises from old days, and a lot of people will buy it for those. If you are a fan of Gears... then you probably already have a 360.

socomnick3618d ago

The combined might of lbp and Resistance 2 wont do anything to the Goliath that is Gears of war 2.

gambare3618d ago

I remember shadow of the colossus for some reason.... Invincible giants destroyed by a small human

QuackPot3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

The xbox 360 will clearly dominate gta game sales

and the ps3 will better the 360 in console sales...due mainly to traditional gta fans who don't have a next gen console yet, have a ps2 ownership background.

As for GeoW2, it will be like Halo3 - you just can't compete against a good game with a huge diehard fan base.

But like Halo3, Bioshock, Mass Effect, GREAT exclusives aren't going to result in significant console sales if you already have that console.

The great Ps2 migration to the Ps3 still hasn't begun.......damn you pesky Wii lol.

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PStriple7033618d ago

From a software stand point gta will do good
but from a hardware stand point gta will move unit's for the ps3