Capcom buys Tenchu developer K2 Studios

Capcom has announced that its wholly acquired K2 Studios via a simple exchange of stock which is expected to be completed on May 1.

"K2 has a proven record as a reliable provider of game development services for Capcom. By making this company a wholly owned subsidiary, Capcom plans to make its game development activities more efficient and speedy," Capcom said in a statement. "Capcom also believes that pursuing a business strategy based on closer ties with K2 will help increase the value of the entire Capcom Group."

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eddierivera3678d ago

Tenchu, for the ps3,,, Now!

Rikitatsu3678d ago


Tenchu series will be freed from the Hands of the Noobs at K2 !! there might be a chance where tenchu returns to its Former Glory ( Tenchu 2 T_____T )

Silellak3678d ago

Dear Capcom:

Please make Tenchu good again.

Hugs and kisses,

An old, jaded gamer with hope.

cloud360-7th_account3678d ago

if tenchu doesnt have rpg element like re4 wer u can upgrade your weapons liek final fantasy. then i will defiantley not buy it

i have played tenchu 2 on the psxe emulator for 2 minutes. it has good graphics

Skerj3678d ago

Pass the series over to the Onimusha team plz.

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The story is too old to be commented.