Kotaku calls Sega America's bluff on Sonic Unleashed media


"This is what you can do when you're not reliant on games publisher ad revenue. Sega America, having successfully removed last week's leaked Sonic Unleashed media from Destructoid and Exophase with legal "requests", met its match when it ran into Kotaku's Brian Crecente. Quite rightly, Crecente refused to pull the media after taking legal advice and deeming the shots and movie newsworthy, and therefore viable for publication."

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jackdoe3643d ago

Kotaku is not in the right here. Sega has every right to want leaked images removed off the internet. Don't give me any of that bullsh!t about advertisement space.

name3643d ago

They did the same thing when Sony wanted them to hold off on reporting Playstation home. All they asked was to delay their report 2 days so Sony can unveil it themselves, but no. They twisted it and made it look like Sony was the bad gay, as usual.

kingme713643d ago

I agree, they should remove them if anything out of respect for Sega. Obviously, someone screwed up and left them available for someone to pull down off an FTP server whether it was someone on the inside or not. In any case, marketing announcements and hype around a game are important to sales and Sega obviously wasn't ready to release them or announce the game yet.

Sega probably should have requested they remove them rather than sticking their lawyers on them first. If they didn't comply then maybe use the lawyers.

Enigma_20993643d ago

... It's SEGA who will decide if the game even sees the light of day, not Brian... who the hell made him the champion of "truth" here?

Milkman5413643d ago

Who cares the game is gonna come out and so are these screens are trailers one day so what does it matter if they are out there now...

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