Game Vortex: Cocoto Magic Circus Review

Cocoto Magic Circus is a light-hearted shooting game for the Wii. With the Wii Zapper add-on now available, we're sure to see more and more shooters coming soon. And sadly, you won't find very much here to hold you over until better games arrive.

Cel-shaded graphics make up the world in Cocoto. It's fairly cute stuff, and it works well enough. Colors do seem a bit muted and dull, however, and altogether the look of the game isn't as sharp as you'd think it could be.

Simple sound effects accompany the action. You're actually shooting dart guns, so that suction cup noise will become very familiar to you. The mini-games are short, so the music doesn't wear you out too quickly. Other than that, there's the various grunts and yells from monsters as you cover them in darts, and an evil clown ringleader who only says "hello." Again, it's cute stuff. The game definitely has a fun feel to the surface, there's just not much more going on underneath.

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