Game Vortex: Bratz Super Babyz Review

Game Vortex writes: "Ever since the Bratz dolls came out, there's been a whole slew of videogames released based on them as well, and several more in the works. Bratz: Super Babyz is the latest release starring your favorite Bratz: Cloe aka Angel, Sasha aka Bunny Boo, Jade aka Kool Kat, and Yasmine aka Pretty Princess.

Considering that they're babies in this game, the Bratz look quite a bit different from their grown-up versions. Instead of super-thin teens with large heads, you now have very pudgy babies with large heads. Well I guess they're not really that different after all. As with all the previous games, there is a dress up section with multitudes of clothing options. You have the options of changing their hats/headwear, shirts, pants, shoes, and belt/capes, so you can customize the Bratz to look exactly like you want them to. The graphics are pretty and relatively smooth flowing."

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