Nintendo's forgotten console: The Virtual Boy

As we discussed in a previous article here at Nintendic, even Nintendo, for all the fantastic good it has done in serving the videogames industry over the years, sometimes gets it wrong. Aside from software bungles, one of its biggest hardware misjudgements was the ill-fated Virtual Boy.

Invented by Gunpei Yokoi (the man behind Game & Watch, Game Boy and Metroid) and released in 1995, the console that aimed to provide "3D games for a 3D world" lasted little over a year, sold badly, made gamers ill, and turned out to be one of Nintendo's biggest ever flops.

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Skerj3760d ago

I didn't forget it, that bastard gave me migraines and caused me to have to wear glasses. Galactic Pinball was dope as hell though.

Naphthos3760d ago

I rented one of these for week from Blockbuster during the start of 7th Grade... Ah, those were the days.

Not too much longer after that I saw a Virtual Boy System on clearence for a mere $27. I was a buck or two short, though. I shoulda gotten it.


Exhaust3760d ago

Such a beautiful disaster I wanted one just for a conversation piece. Can't play it for long but its actually kinda fun.

JoelR3760d ago

It's not forgotten... it's just not spoken about.
There is a big difference between good and forgotten and so bad that people are trying to forget!