Ranking the Brawlers: All 35 of them

Console Monster's Jeremy White writes: "Ever wondered who's the best brawler? Well, I'm sure you've at least debated it. Finally, Console Monster is here to help you finally figure out once and for all who the best Brawler is; or you can just disagree with it, your choice. Here is my list of the top characters in Brawl starting with the worst at 35 and bringing you my conclusion to who I think is the number one brawler. Like all lists there is a criteria for judging the characters, andTthey are judged in this way (though not in this order), speed, strength, versatility, ease of use, and of course the final smashes. Keep in mind this is one man's list and these are my opinions so please feel free to disagree or agree. Enjoy!"

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Bonsai12143644d ago

seriously, talk about the worst list EVER

Omegasyde3643d ago

Lucas and Marth in the top 5? Wtf they can barely save themselves from falling off the edges.

Marth has a good pop up, but that its. Also all of Ness/Lucas moves require skill to actually make them effective. Thier Final Smash are both weak by a land shot.

Sonic should of made the top 5 because he can jump the highest with the spring special, his final smash is cheap, and he is the fastest in the game with his attacks (spin dash lock-on).

jonboi243643d ago

seriously omegasyde, marth should be in the the top 5. he's one of the most overused character i've run into when i played melee only being second to fox and in even though in brawl he's seems a little watered down he's still good. as far as his recovery goes you can easily save his ass when he get knocked off by using his forward-special attack to get forward momentum than use his up-special to grab a ledge. if you know how to hit with marth's sweet spot, the tip of his sword than his even more lethal because his sword can cover quite the distance.

how the hell is jigglypuff last i can own with her or him or it. master rest and there u go. you want to see an awesome jigglypuff player look for a player named king on youtube. he owns with jigglypuff and is probably one of the best jiggypuff users.

wow he really ranked fox and wolf low. any fox clone should at least break the top 10 seeing that they are being modeled after one of the top tier in all of smash bros.

seriously kirby is number! sure kirby is easy to use but he's one of if not the lightest character in the game. strong?!? his strength is probably only good to be near mid-teir. man the only thing that made kirby unique was his ability to float because him and jigglypuff were the only ones but now there are so many floaters.

zelda/sheik is easily one of the most under rated character in the game. sure they may not be the strongest but they can cause a lot of damage very fast.

in my opinion toon link is almost as good as link. yeah he may not be strong but his quick and strength wise his at least a mid teir.

my fav 5 goes like this(i repeat "fav" not top):

princejb1343643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

this list sucks and no list, like this should be made again
in my opinion no character is a bad brawler it all depends on the user playing with it
i hate R.O.B. but my friend owns with him

ChickeyCantor3643d ago

he failed with: " Not only do I think Jigglypuff is the worst brawler all around, I think 'she's' the worst character to be put into the game "

its called Skills, Jiggly is an awesome character if you know how to master her.

there for his opinion sucks from the beginning

ianp6223643d ago

Yeah, when I saw Jigglypuff last, I realized he knew absolutely nothing about Super Smash Bros.

Jdash243643d ago

Olimar ranked higher than toon link? This list fails

kingme713643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

A list like this is just too personal to apply. You can get good with any character if you spend enough time with them. My personal list would be totally different.

That's a credit to Nintendo for making a balanced game.

Mariye3643d ago

I totally agree. I personally like Zelda, Link and Snake. Everyone's different though. Maybe if the writer gave Jigglypuff a chance, he could defeat any challenger with it. (Does Jigglypuff even have a defined gender?)

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