White Knight Chronicles: The Biggest PS3 Exclusive that Nobody is Talking About

Much is often made of the oft hyped and upcoming juggernaut's that are Metal Gear Solid 4, Resistance 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Little Big Planet and to a lesser extent Killzone 2. All have huge hype surrounding them, and that are all exclusive to the PS3. However, lost in the crowd seems to be Level 5's latest title White Knight Chronicles.

White Knight Chronicles is an RPG that follows the story of Lenard, a boy that finds an ancient artifact that allows him to transform into a 7 meter tall White Knight.

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SuperSaiyan43761d ago

The game is not near completion? The developers are not doing much marketing for this game? Not many gamers have even heard about this game or what its about? Or the biggest PS3 game is MGS4?

Because I haven't heard or seen much about this game.

HighDefinition3761d ago

will probaly get a late 2008/early 2009 release date at E3. This is the type of RPG that will impress quickly when they start showing it. I`m glad they haven`t talked about it to much, sometimes that kills the excitement for the game. I`m glad they have done the same with Killzone 2 as well.

ruibing3761d ago

It's Level 5, they've made some great JRPGs before with Dragon Quest VIII and Rogue Galaxy. I've already preordered it on Amazon so I can only hope it gets localized for N.A. before the end of the year.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3761d ago

That's what PlayStation Home is for so people can get the word out without spending too much money on marketing. Since you haven't heard of it, it doesn't mean that it isn't the biggest exclusive PlayStation 3 title.

I personally think the biggest PlayStation 3 exclusive is Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer. No one talks about it so it'll most likely be put under sleeper hit titles.

Genesis53761d ago

Oh it's on my list of games to buy in the fall, I haven't forgotten about it. Level 5 makes great games. I wouldn't expect anything less from this title.

gaffyh3761d ago

The only thing that worries me about this game is that it looks like (a much better looking) Blue Dragon clone (which is a crap game). But instead of "shadows" you have knights. I still hope that it is good, because Level 5 make some great games (did they make Jeanne D'Arc?).

I think this may come out in Late 2008.

sonarus3761d ago

i think sony needs to stop showing what they are working on too early especially when the release is so far off. It sucks to say out in december 2007 only to watch it slip into decempber 2008

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Danja3761d ago

well this game is gonna be huge and we haven't been getting alot of information on of lately...that's kinda the reason no-one is talking about it that much...

but im hoping it's gets released this year need a RPG to keep me company till FF13

kingOVsticks3761d ago

but eternal sonata seems cool and i hear it is supposed to come with a FF13 demo :)

meepmoopmeep3761d ago

no, you're thinking about the Last Remnant game that's rumored to include the FFXIII demo.
Eternal Sonata will include 2 more playable characters and some more stuff. can't wait to get it.

Bleucrunch3760d ago

I dont know about everyone else, but I have heard about this game for a while now and because I looooooooooooved rogue galaxy and I loooooove level 5 I will be sooooo getting this game on launch day. And I will also be getting eternal sonata too, I am a big Namco/bandai fan even though they played us by putting it on the 360 first. But its ok still gonna get it.

HighDefinition3761d ago

Yes, it is.

But, it shares that spot with Infamous. Which we get to here about next month (EGM Preview).

The Wood3761d ago

i might but my first egm ever......................not. www for me

bozobucketeer3760d ago

I doubt this'll be huge in the US though.

HighDefinition3760d ago

this game will sell fine in US. Theres also a entire world of places that play games besides North America. That Helps

Jack Bauer3761d ago

i guess im nobody, been looking forward to this game since it was announced.

HighDefinition3761d ago

I guess, we both don`t exist then.

I think about this game weekly.

kooplar3761d ago

``I think about this game weekly.´´

That sounds soo wrong!!!

yanikins1113760d ago

But Im hanging out for the new season of 24 so much... Stupid writers strike...

Relientk773761d ago

IDK why there is no one talking about it .. I own a PS3 .. and I can say this... THE PS3 NEEDS RPGS!!! AND NEEDS THEM NOW... shooters and action? ... Resistance, Devil May Cry 4, Call of Duty 4, Uncharted, .. thats good sh!t... but now work on the RPG genre .. cuz all I see so far coming out is FF13, and White Knight Chronicles

more RPGS plz!

TheExecutive3761d ago

you are correct but keep in mind it takes quite a bit longer to produce a quality RPG than an action game. 2009 and 2010 should be very big RPG years for the ps3

Jack Bauer3761d ago

ps3 definetly needs some rpgs... it's sad when the 360 has better rpgs... welll not better... the PS3 actually needs to have an rpg to say has more.

Omegasyde3761d ago

We might get Fallout this year, but I never played a Fallout game...

And then we might get.. wow where are the RPG's?

supremacy3761d ago

well, you're right but... perhaps there will be titles like Valkrya, Disgeae 3, and one from Ncsoft Aion:tower of eternity,which actually is more like an MMORG. also those 360 games such eternal sonata, and multi-platform games such as last remnant will grave the platform hopefully this year so.. there's quite a few actually. just not as much as FPS have become a more prefer genre this time generation.

not to mention i hear sony is working on sequels to Rogue galaxy and a wild arms as well as dark Cloud game for the ps3 which we should hear about sometime next year when one of the 2 final fantasies 13 games arrive or are near launch time. not to mention star ocean 4 might be ps3 exclusive as well...

jkhan3760d ago

PS3 definitely needs more RPG. The combat system shown on suggests it not the typical turn base combat. Graphically it looks very good too & in the developer interview they said something about fall 2008 release. Keeping fingers crossed :P

Jinxstar3760d ago

I agree it just seems like developement time for games of that size take a lot longer... How long has GTA been in dev? I expect good things when FF and WKC come out

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