Battlefield: Bad Company boycott video

After starting a boycott against EA's Battlefield: Bad Company, Sarcastic Gamer has produced this hilarious "commercial" for Bad Company, complete with all of the "touches" of an EA game.

From the article: "Well, its been a while since we've released a parody/satire video, but the hiatus ends as EA literally handed us an ammo box by deciding to charge EXTRA for WEAPONS in a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER. Hit the jump and see the vid!"

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socomnick3705d ago

Very funny Hopefully Ea gets the point and makes the extra weapons free.

Nolando3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

all the companies need get the point, stop over charging for 3 maps, or a few weapons!

GamerSigma3705d ago

This is so good. I wanted to see the whole video, but EA wanted me to pay to watch the ending.... :(

gamesR4fun3705d ago

vid seems not to work at the linked site found another copy here

Truplaya3705d ago

EA - Its in the game, well most of it. Love it

likeaboss3023705d ago

That is pretty good. EA is a joke and the whole DLC has just become a way to nickle and dime a gamer. What happened to the good old days were little DLC was free and big releases were called expansion packs? Oh that was on the PC like four years ago. lol

Shortstop3704d ago

Simply put, gaming is becoming more and more of a business, especially for the companies currently at the top like EA. They've got shareholders that want to make money. So whatever makes the money is what gets made. Of course, should EA piss off the gaming community, they might make less... unless the casual gamers don't realize they're getting screwed.

Personally, I don't think the casual gaming market is that interested in FPS's, so trying to market it the way EA is trying seems like it's going to fail to me.

People can understand paying for maps and new game modes. People rightfully cannot comprehend paying for essentially what is different weapon skins with different attributes.

ForTheFallen3705d ago

Just not the extra crap.

That's what I say.

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The story is too old to be commented.