ME Gamers: Condemned 2 Bloodshot Review

ME Gamers writes: "The first Condemned was a game many spent countless nights cowering in fear and shitting their pants. Many of us devoted day time hours for the game, others made sure a friend or two were on their side with the game's guide in position. Aside from all the freaky moments in the game that resulted in quite a unique experience, the game clearly had some problems. The combat system was way too simple, and the collectables in the game were a bit out of perspective. The developers, Monolith Productions, made sure all those problems were addressed and fixed this time around. Condemned 2 is a perfect example of what a sequel should be like, although surely not the best FPS experience out there.

You are back in the boots of Ethan Thomas, a former detective that lost his job due to some very unfortunate events in the first game, now a drunkard and even more short in temper. Condemned 2 follow up with Mr. Thomas as he tries to get his life back and fight the demons off his shoulders. You will be seeing some familiar faces here and there, but playing the first is not a compulsory really. It might be helpful but that's about it. Suffice to say Condemned 2 has a solid storyline that keeps you interested and engaged throughout the game."

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Lookbehind3676d ago

Is pretty funny.. alot of swearing and bricks smashing heads lol.I like it.