Wonderwallweb gives Everybody's Golf: World Tour 9/10

Everybody's Golf has always been quite a popular series on the Playstation, this is probably thanks to it's cute looks and easy to pick up and play nature, so now that Everybody's Golf: World Tour has hit the next generation, does it still have the same appeal?

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Antan3676d ago

Online mode is just fantastic! To see other players on course at the same time as you is just great! Lobby areas can be funny when theres 50 or so people in, jumping round etc etc. Great game online and off.

resistance1003676d ago

Agreed, getting some rounds in between GT5 is great ^___^

The online has excelled all expectations for me. Best golf game this gen by a country mile. Its a near perfect game with the only problem being lack of headset support but i can see why they didn't include it.

crazy250003676d ago

Im totally psyched for it!!!

kalistyles3676d ago

I might have to try this out.


AND ITS FANTASTIC. THE HOT SHOTS SERIES NEVER DISAPPOINT..need to unlock more players and accessories to jump online though....