Byron: I don't want change in retail law

Dr. Tanya Byron has rubbished media reports that her Government Review into digital entertainment recommends stricter legal penalties for UK retailers.

Early national newspaper articles printed on the morning of the Review claimed that Byron had suggested 'retailers who sell video games to anyone under the age rating on the box should face a hefty fine or up to five years in prison' – a story which was repeated and expanded on by UK games news sites.

However, Dr. Byron told MCV that the Review contained no such recommendation, and that she was very keen to reassure retailers that were concerned by the reports.

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Yi-Long3709d ago

... with tens or even hundreds of game-related cases of violence and killings on a weekly basis, I can totally understand why this is of top-priority to the politicians and media...(!)

Seriously, world-wide, over the past 10-15 years, maybe there were like what, 4-5 cases of a crime directly connected to the content of a violent videogame!?

Hasnt the Bible caused more hatred and violence and deaths over the years!? Why not keep that out of the hands of minors as well?

This whole thing is just populisme and very selective 'outrage' over the current scapegoat, just like what happened to comicbooks, movies, music, etc.

I'd prefer it if we all would just focus on the real issues, and not blame scapegoats like cartoons and videogames for what in fact would be bad parenting.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 23709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Barbie Horse Adventure on PS2 makes me want to Kill!!! ;-D
(Was only joking!Never played it!) ;)

thor3709d ago

I don't think that it's just that they're using video games as a scapegoat. I think that when they see someone playing a game, and kiling people or whatever, they don't think "ooh that looks fun" like you or I, but instead find it rather shocking. They don't seem to understand that it is no different from violence being portrayed in books, film and television.

On the other hand, if you want to watch a film, they generally refuse you entry if you're not old enough. I've been able to buy 18 rated games since I was much younger than that. It might be sensible to actually ensure that the ratings are enforced; at the moment they're not really anything more than a guideline.

Yi-Long3709d ago

... and I agree thats a big part of the problem ('how can running over a hooker and stealing her money be fun!?' I dont know but it's hilarious that it's possible!), however, I feel that in order to censor, or ban, or otherwise limit individual's own freedom to watch, play, listen to, etc what he/she likes, you really need a very good, valid reason, backed up by FACTS.

Politicians shouldnt make rules and laws just because they have a 'gut-feeling' that these games/videos/songs could 'corrupt' a bunch of us. They should look at the FACTS and the statistics, and of you do that then there is no valid reason to treat games any different from all other kinds of media. Gamers arent massively attacking others, or killing eachother, or desensitizing, or whatever.

Ofcourse, this is all temporarily, untill they find a new scapegoat, yet I'm upset because instead of actually taking measures that deal with the REAL problems, they are wasting vakluable time and effort on fake-reasons, thus NOT solving the problems.
It will get you votes, and it's more popular to blame videogames instead of putting the blame where it belongs (the individuals, parents, schools, goverment, society), but it will not solve anything, and it's unfair to a very large demographic, namely US, the gamers.

Violent videogames dont make me depressed, or violent, or desensitized.
Out of touch, amateurish, populistic and selfish goverment is making me feel depressed, annoyed, unheard, etc!

Sayai jin3709d ago

Stores cn be held accountable, but it falls on the parents first.