AT&T LG Vu Phone Specs, First Images Leaked

The chaps at Phone Arena have managed to gain some leaked press shots of AT&T's LG Vu, and it is looking tastier than before. The Vu will come in two primary versions; the CU915 will lack a mobile TV antenna, whilst the CU920 will be supplied with mobile TV antenna, which will support AT&T's new, streaming TV service. Checkout the gallery for some more great shots, then jump for the specs.

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decapitator3673d ago

Looks decent but knowing that it's coming from ATT, am pretty sure this will be expensive as hell.

Meus Renaissance3673d ago

Why is there a DualShock controller logo for Games?

buddyro3673d ago

why they have a Dualshock controller as a gaming logo. Could it be that Sony Ericsson merged with LG maybe it's the new PSP phone and Sony Ericsson couldn't pull it off. Well I think it's the most popular among the gaming community and they choose to use it. Would you prefer an Xbox 360 controller?