WWE Smackdown & what is inherently wrong with wrestling Videogames

VG Chartz writes "The problem is that with the current WWE Smackdown series, I can almost see THQ implementing what I would call "Maddenitis." Maddenitis is the act of basically phoning it in with very little changes other than cosmetic ones and rosters. While this pleases some fans, I can always make my own roster updates if I want to. The create-a-wrestler mode is good enough that I can make a perfect representation of Vegeta from Dragonball Z, or KIm Jong Il if I want to. If a roster is all that is updated I almost wish an add on disk was issued, or some DLC was available."

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socomnick3617d ago

Is wrestling really that big. Almost everyone I know I mean everyone hates it. Only person that likes it is my 23 year old misfit cousin. Strange man he is still lives at home and has never gotten laid. :(