Game-Boyz: MLB 08: The Show PS2 Review

Game-Boyz writes: "While I'm a hardcore Hockey lover I occasionally like to try some of the other sports videogames out there. As I look outside my window I can't help but reflect that it is spring time and baseball is just getting started with 08-09 season. To coincide with the new Major League Baseball season Sony is bringing its strong running series to the PS2 with MLB 08: The Show. I keep thinking the PS2 is really going to fall by the way side as the PS3 gains momentum, but it continues to roll along with some really fantastic titles, and of course a huge installed base. So how does the 08 version of The Show fair?

While everybody raves about the visual advancements that the next-generation sports games feature, the PS2 still does a fine job of looking good. In MLB 08: The Show you won't be getting the more life-like representations of the players that you can get on its more powerful successor but you still get a good looking game."

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