GTA IV - Preview of the first 5 missions has a very descriptive walkthrough of the first 5 missions of Rockstars upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto IV.

"A ringtone can be heard when the call is made. Niko needs to get closer to figure out where it is coming from. The blackmailer must be identified and killed. Since this was carried out in broad daylight, a two-star wanted level is gained. Niko must evade the cops and return the memory stick to McReary in order to complete the mission."

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radzy3642d ago

xbox 360 version is about 30 missions + 25 missions (downloadable content)vs ps3 versiom which is 30 missions only (you can probably buy hats and clothing though)

Pain3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Please Mr.XBOt please show me the prof that RRod 2 get's this +25 mission's....

and lol just so you know this Demo was played on PS3... RROD 2 cant last that long staying on..

P.s when your Almighty DLC get released in Fall whats it going to cost compared to the
FREE Little Big Planet DLC im going to be downloading?

Time Lord3642d ago

don't want anything to spoil the game for me.

1ben23642d ago

I would have LOVED to read it,but the WHOLE text is white on black...
I got cross eyed and got a headache after the first 2 sentences...

Is it so hard to make it "readable"....



hell yea f*ck that not reading it y would this even be up

Phil Harrison Mklll3642d ago

...then my xBox 360 broke down!:-D

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The story is too old to be commented.