Three years of gaming down the drain

Just imagine, you've had an Xbox 360 since launch and built up an impressive games collection with game saves and built up an impressive amount of Gamerscore over the years. Then you go and lose it all...

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Silver3603676d ago

it got that other guys 360 fixed. So maybe it can help this guys account.

Mr Playboy3676d ago

at least he had fun while playing his 360

Martini3676d ago

The guy is an idiot. He is complaining that his game saves are gone from his account but the truth is they are never on your profile - game saves are local on you HDD or mem.card. This kid needs to quit his whining and admit that he Eucked up and nobody else.

LastDance3675d ago

perhaps he should try achieving something else in life....

Bleucrunch3675d ago

The customer service rep knows he can just reinstat the account, what is the big deal he is going to give you new info and pay another 50 bucks so I dont see why they cant just re-instate the account.

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SuperSaiyan43676d ago

If you don't pay for Xbox Live gold membership it automatically goes to SILVER meaning you do NOT lose anything only the ability to play online. If your card details expire that means Microsoft cannot take them money for you to go to a GOLD account.

You're account ONLY gets cancelled completely if you tell Microsoft you want the account closed.

jiinn3676d ago

this is n4g - they'll just make stuff up for anti-MSFT FUD.

RecSpec3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )


Oh sure, let's just ignore the fact that N4G didn't create this. Totally360 did, which is an excellent name for an Anti-MS site.

Edit: But, it sounds like this guy did ask them to close his account, and then realized what he did, so he makes it sound like it's MS's fault.

JsonHenry3676d ago

Yeah, this is a load of bullshite.

Kaz Hirai3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

These SCUM-SUCKING BUFFOONS shall soon feel the wrath of King Kaz and Emperor Kutaragi! They simply can't do ANYTHING right!


Sir Ken Kutaragi 23676d ago

...MESS-UP!!! ;-D
That was a Perfect comment King Kaz;)

ukilnme3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

It seems that the one thing you two and all of the N4G Sony Fanboys can do right is suck Sony's ballz. That is to be expected of the real Sony Executives since they get paid to do it. The rest of you are just pathetic.

Please don't choke and remember to wipe up when you are done.

PSWii60 FTW!!!

Pain3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Yikes Iike a Bad Dream i think Not.

@Caveman When u have time to shave your Back i think Ballmer is in need of a Shaving too,and dont forget your Mom she really Harry.... and please oh please when u giving Bill his dally rim dont forget to rinse.

ukilnme3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

@ Pain

I see you managed to remove Sony's jizz from your eyes before you replied. Did it stain your shirt?

Since we are talking about moms now, I'll be sure to tell yours thanks for shaving my ballz. I have a huge sack and it took her a while. I shot some in her mouth too, just my way of saying thanks for years of service. Damn, I think she tried to tell you hello in mid swallow. My bad, I'll teach her not to talk with her mouth full.

tehReaper3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

@Kaz Hirai & Pain

I agree with ukilnme. What are you, six years old? All you dumbasses do is bash Xbox articles. Does that make you feel closer to your balls dropping? Speaking of balls, why can't your moms stop sucking mine? It's getting annoying.

Seriously, go spank yourselves to Motorstorm.

Pain3676d ago

Spoken like a True Xbox Kid. You Prove full hardy Why American Education Fails Horribly.

And @dem0n , no more like 7 and a bit.

Snukadaman3675d ago

Dude thinks for some reason ukilnme is the geico caveman.he even address him as such.....your used too idiots acting like ken kutagi and charachters like darksniper.... pain...not everyone has shtick..not everyone hides behind someone else.

Mycococo3675d ago

i didnt know i was being charged for gold membership and then i try to go on live to download a demo and it wont let me. my account had been suspended but they told me it wasnt set to silver and i didnt stop the transaction(which hasnt been paid cause i have no credit card) in time i was being sent to COLLECTIONS in 90 days!

the indian pieces of sheeit that were talking to me(a cunt if you were wondering, a dirty indian cunt!) can die of malaria.

ukilnme3675d ago

@ Pain

Only a [email protected] Sony Fanboy would think I'm a "True Xbox Kid". You introduced moms to this thread and now you are upset that I busted on you harder. As for the American Education System, it's not perfect but at least we have one. You prove full hardy why birth control fails just like your parents failed you. Later chump.

HarryEtTubMan3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

UKILNME just shut up man u sound like a retard that can't comprehend their SARCASM... these aren't serious people... its PS3 fans poking retarded XBOTS like you(that actually would take it serisou because the Xbox 360 is perform like such absolute POO POO you get angry when u read it HAHAHAHAHHAHA) in the face HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

It's so funny. Keep it goin KAZ!!! Hail the almighty S L A Y S T A Y T I O N HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHA HAHA Silly BOTS.

ukilnme3675d ago

@ HarryEtTubMan

Give me a break. This is N4G. What is to be taken seriously here? A bunch of internet tough guys talking trash. I'm just joining in on the fun. As I said before, it's [email protected] Sony Fanboys like you that think I'm an Xbot. You would see the truth if you spent less time smoking Sony's pole. Later chump.

Pain3675d ago

So funny it hurts to think i care what a bot like u thinks lololol

But i will take satisfaction that i got under your lil xbot skin and only thing a kid like u can do is Insult like a TRUE xbox fan.

Sad and Funny all in One thanks

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Captain Tuttle3676d ago

I wish I had this kids' problems

matchgrade3676d ago

Nobody over the age of 10 gives a fck about Gamerscore.

jiinn3676d ago

Is that why Sony is cloning it?

brocool3676d ago

seriously..this guy is a joke.. its like he didnt enjoy 3 years of gaming..the kid needs to stop crying and do what hes asked the next time

Rocko3675d ago

Yeah...thought so. Sit down and shutup.

BLuKhaos3675d ago

What makes you think this guy is a sonyboy? How do you know that this guy doesn't have a 360 himself? Just because he does not care about GS does not make him an anti-MS fanboy.I personally don't get whats the big deal with GS,I mean it's just a Number next to your Name right? So what's the big deal?

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