PSN Summer Blast: Hot Discounts Starting Tomorrow

Posted by Pierre Gravereau // Senior Manager, Digital Distribution

Summer is upon us, and what better way to ring in the warmest season of the year than with some scorching-hot discounts on great PSN action games? We have a huge line-up of titles this year, and starting tomorrow we’re offering new ones each week for the next two weeks. We’re giving everyone the opportunity to save up to 60% off on Summer Blast titles, and as a bonus we’re offering PlayStation Plus members up to 80% off!
Check the Store tomorrow for this week’s offers, and on July 9th for the second week of deals. Make sure to grab the games you want while they’re on sale, because these discounts won’t last forever!

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Xaphy1996d ago

Still waiting for the announcement of this month's ps plus goodies.

ApolloTheBoss1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

It's July already?! Man, having a job sucks. I haven't played ANY of the games from last month! :(

Xaphy1996d ago

neither have I, but im sure ill get around to it. Love having games all the time to play.

Campy da Camper1996d ago

Me too. What's really great about these is even though I'm gonna pay a couple bucks they are mine to keep forever. All the trolls who use that "ha ur only renting games" speech don't realize if you pay even just one buck the game is yours forever..with or without plus.

Sharius1996d ago


ratchet & clank collection for 7.50 buck and hitman collection for 16 bucks

despair1996d ago

yea those are my two buys, I waited too long to get the R&C collection already and now I have no excuse. Also going to pick up Alice: Madness Returns for 4 bucks, always wanted to play it.

Black-Helghast1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

I had in mind buying a year of Playstation plus this week but now I have to buy at least two 20$ PSN cards along with it...Definitely buying hitman, R&C and Alice: Madness Returns. The worst part is, I still have to finish Far Cry 3 and get its platinum, get The Last of Us's platinum, Finish borderlands 2, Finish MGS: Rising, finish Silent Hill Downpour, finish Dead Space 3 and get its platinum and download all the PS+ games... and all that before Beyond and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 comes out.

Gaming is one expensive hobby but I don't mind paying for the few things in life I actually enjoy.

daggertoes831996d ago

Holy crap!!!!love ps plus. My bandwidth is gonna take a major hit.

strigoi8141996d ago

Im already unlimited on my internet i can take a wip and slap my bandwith

Sharius1996d ago

but..... how about your HDD......?????

despair1996d ago

yea I cleared out a ton of games on my 320GB and ended up with a measly 50 GB free, guess now with this sale I'll be even lower in free space. Time to delete Far Cry 2, probably never will get to that anyways *sigh*

MajorLazer1996d ago


I really suggest you play Far Cry 2, on infamous difficulty. It is a flawed masterpiece of a game

ShinMaster1996d ago

While you finish playing other games, then delete those and download the rest.
That's if HDD space is an issue.

Sharius1996d ago

guys, i just want to reply to strigoi814's post but the server error happen and result this stupid post so just ignore me then :D

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The story is too old to be commented.