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For the past few years Square Enix, home of two of the worlds most successful RPG franchises in history; Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, has failed to deliver anything unique and mind blowing. In fact, they have done nothing but milk existing franchises by releasing "next generation remakes" for the first remakes and several new sequels. Some of them, such as Crisis Core: FFVII and Final Fantasy IV DS, are definitely not bad, but most of the games were the same as the old releases, which made absolutely no sense.

But something has changed overseas, and ever since last year Square Enix has started taking risks and create new original games for various consoles. The biggest example is The World Ends With You, which will be released in North America soon. The game scored very high in IGN, and Japanese gamers loved the game so much that according to the game's director, Tatsuya Kando, they now request a sequel...

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meepmoopmeep3676d ago

i hope the fact that they have tons of new IP's and sequels coming out, that they have the workforce to make it happen without sacrifice to the quality of games.

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The Lazy One3676d ago

This article pretty much says why FF is so popular. Each game keeps the same core gameplay, but each one is an entirely different game than any of the others. That's definately one of the reasons I always loved FFs, there weren't entirely unfamiliar, but they were all completely different.

alster233676d ago

SE doesnt need any new ips all they need is the KH, FF, and Dragon quest series

meepmoopmeep3676d ago

yeah, they could survive off those franchises alone

emanon883675d ago

Well they could but then we would not get other possible masterpieces from them. A new IP means a chance to be a new franchise that we will be getting games from for years to come. Also I still am hoping that they return to the Chrono series for at least one more game to fill in all the loose holes. Its been a long time so its unlikely but you never know

Lucreto3676d ago

SE are learning new thinks like for example when they worked with Level 5 on Dragon quest 8 they learned about voice acting. DQ has the best voice acting I ever heard and SE did a good job with FFXII

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