Hands on with Super Mario 3D World I Rice Digital

It might not be the 'full' or 'proper' Mario game that everyone with a WiiU craves - but this is still hugely enjoyable in its own right.

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MonopolyRSV1625d ago

Nintendo has been going downhill ever since Super Mario World for SNES. They got rid of the overworld map and started naming levels 1-1, 1-2 and so on again which takes away from the immersion the player feels. They also slowed down the movement speed, got rid of Yoshi, and added a bunch of gimmicky new suits that aren't fun to use and also make Mario look less like a superhero and more like a teletubby.

guitarded771625d ago

You haven't played New Super Mario U have you?

MonopolyRSV1625d ago

I played the one for Wii which I hear is basically the same exact thing.

guitarded771625d ago

I brought up New Super Mario U because everything on your list of complaints is absent from NSMBU. If you liked SMW, you would like NSMBU. It has the open map, Yoshi, challenge levels with faster scroll. It has the core power ups without the suits.

TripC501625d ago

I could play a Mario game in a different language and still have fun. If this game is anything like the 3D Land 3DS game, that's okay with me because that game was fenominal.

CaptainN1625d ago

LOL Nintendo has been going downhill since Super Mario World......Uhmmmm have you played Mario 64? Or Mario Galaxy 1 & 2? Sunshine I could understand negative feedback on ....but to say Nintendo is getting worse since SNES with Mario.....very wrong!

1625d ago