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10 Most Wanted Features The PS4 Is Still Missing

"Sony really came out strong at E3 this year. They wowed the crowd and really left their competition reeling and so worried Microsoft had to completely change their game plan. There is no doubt that the PS4 is going to be an amazing piece of hardware upon it's release. With all the features that are going to be available to the console on Day one it seems like Sony didn't miss a thing. " (PS4)

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SpinalRemains138  +   825d ago | Well said

Folding @ home? Lol!

Coop play? That's not even a console issue ffs.

Remote access to your console? It exists, and its called PS Vita.

This whole list was horrible.
How is a release date a feature?
Hey, Steve, wanna come by and try out my release date on my ps4? Its badass, man.
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greedybear88  +   825d ago
Tru dat.
RyuCloudStrife  +   825d ago
I stopped reading on the first reason he said quote:

"What about those who want to pick up a PS4 and don’t have fast internet connectivity (you know, the main reason people previously knocked the Xbox One?) but still want to enjoy PS3 games?"

Sorry the Xbone was "knocked" because it REQUIRED you to log in every 24 hours if not your console would be as good as the brick it is.

Has this guy done any research? Sony didn't just say PS3 won't be playable on PS4, no Sony made that hard decision because they wanted to be more developer friendly that's why they went with the x86 architecture.

There have been a lot of "Cerny explains" articles, we need the one where he explains why they decided to go with x86 architecture rather than the Cell 2 which was a choice very early in PS4's development.

Here is the video that encompasses all of those "Cerny Explains" articles and future ones.

pixelsword  +   825d ago
Gaming bolt has always done horrible PS3 articles, so I don't see why they wouldn't continue that with the PS4; so this doesn't surprise me.
Kevin ButIer  +   824d ago
Lol this "list" guy wants a pc... not a ps4
zeee  +   824d ago
Who approved this sh**? No seriously, who and why??
SideShort  +   824d ago
Love how the PS4 can do no wrong right now. Microsoft doesn't have backwards compatibility because they're flat-out greedy. Sony doesn't have backwards compatibility because they wanted to be developer friendly and has made a hard choice. Ahhh gamers, gamers, gamers.
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HyFackingDro  +   824d ago
Pretty mush everything on the list isn't on xbox either... lol funniest yet "folding at home" who the f*** wants that?
malokevi  +   824d ago
How do articles like these get approved? From both camps. I see them every day. It amounts to nothing more than a shoddy attempt at trolling.

Until you have 10 legitimate features that the PS4/XB1 is missing, then take your face and shut it! (keyboard... face..? keyboard.)
greedybear88  +   825d ago | Well said
The PS4 doesn't cook me pancakes while I'm in the shower... that would be a system seller. But seriously I agree this list is awful. Nothing to see here people, no need to click on it.

In other news... PS4 is awesome!
Xx-ADITYA-xX  +   825d ago
Xbox One will take care of that, you'll just have to turn the system on and leave it on with uncooked pancakes on top, the heat will cook dem pancakes. To stay, on TOPIC, this list is shit.
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Rashid Sayed  +   825d ago

It's called Remote 'Play' not Remote 'Access'. The writer is talking about managing your content not playing it.
SpinalRemains138  +   825d ago
Obviously you don't know how remote play works.

It works by giving you direct access to your xmb, not just the game. The game doesnt read your mind then magically load itself. You are looking at what is on the screen when you turn your PS on.

Remote play via Vita is remote access.

Unless yours does it differently, but I would guess you don't own a Vita.
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patsrule316  +   825d ago
I believe remote play only works in your home over your network, not over the internet. I think the author is looking for internet remote access, rather than in home acess. Personally, I am not that concerned about remotely managing my system other than being able to buy something while away, but I can already do that through the sony store, so I am not really worried about that one.
SpinalRemains138  +   825d ago

PS4/Vita is confirmed to have roaming access.

I fully intend to play Warframe from the bar, remotely, just to know I did so. How effing cool is that?

Yoshida has confirmed that it will indeed be remotely accessed via the internet.
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Smoovekid  +   825d ago | Well said
In the PS4 UI demo the girl uses her phone to download a game.
patsrule316  +   825d ago

If thats true, that is awesome! The only thing I personally heard was during the reveal, which I thought the president of Gaikai said would work on your home network. Even that was enough for me as one of the reasons to go for the PS4 over XB1. So if there is even more to it, that is a nice bonus.
badz149  +   825d ago
that's nVidia's SHIELD you're talking about! Remote Play for the Vita has been confirmed to work via the internet which means it works everywhere with wifi
kupomogli  +   825d ago

You can use remote play between your PS3 and Vita right now over the internet. You have to turn the option on your PS3 to allow remote start or it won't work, but as long as your PS3 is connected wired or wireless at home and your internet is running, then whenever you're at a wireless location you can choose remote play with your Vita and use it there. It does have a slight latency, but good enough for most games to be playable through it.
patsrule316  +   825d ago
@badz149, What is Nvidia's SHIELD? I haven't heard of that (or at least don't remember hearing about it). What does that do?

@kopumogli, I don't have a PS3, but I do have a vita. I see the remote play ICON, but I have never had a chance to use it. I have the 360 and had an original Xbox, but never had a PS2 or PS3. I am switching over this generation, so I look forward to trying out the remote play.
SecondSon  +   825d ago
Its sad how wrong some of the people here are.

You could manage your content on your PS3 for years now ever since the Playstation Store website was launched -.-


As for the article where do I begin?

Playing Currently Owned PS3 Games without Cloud Streaming:
He states he wants to verify his old games on the PS4 and then be able to download them onto his hard drive so he can play offline.

First that would mean you could then sell the game and still continue playing it.

We would all need to waste money on Cell processors.

If you have PS3 games you have a PS3 to play them on stop whining its not the end of the world.

Full 4K media support:
He says if Sony wants to get the most out of their graphics they need to force 4k on developers but then we would only be playing mini games because we would waste huge amounts of processing power on more pixels and not better environment details, effects and physics -.-

PlayStation Mobile:
Yes because the last Playstation Mobile proved how much Playstation gamers cared about something like that.

Want games on the go? Get a Vita.

Remote Access to Your Console:
We already have that. With the internet even guys that know nothing about gaming think they are gaming journalists. -.-

Digital Game Sharing:
Digital gaming requires harsh DRM we don't want that crap not yet at least! Sony knows that.

Folding@Home worked so well because of the Cell processor and if you buy gaming consoles to help scientists and not for the actual games I work for Cancer Research UK send us a check of $400.

Better Codec Support:
mkv2vob download it. Mkv files are converted in minutes to vob because they are almost identical. Or stop pirating strange formats.

Better Network Presence:
Learn how to set up a media network over WiFi

Dear god this article is a joke!
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JRH7783  +   825d ago
When I had a psp I would use remote play. Back then I had a external hard drive connected to my PS3 and would watch the movies on my PSP wherever I had Wifi.

Remote play gives you access to you PS3 as if you were looking at your television. You can do everything except play games that don't have this feature. The PS4 is said to push remote play on all games so it should be more friendly this upcoming generation.
DarkAzureIIIX  +   824d ago
@Rashid Sayed

Ok, well here the Remote 'Access' : http://youtu.be/1OegYm1dM9g...

it allow you to manage your content. :)
Inception  +   825d ago
" Hey, Steve, wanna come by and try out my release date on my ps4? Its badass, man. "

Lol, that made me chuckle. Bubs up mate :)
fattyuk  +   825d ago
And your reply made me chuckle.

_FantasmA_  +   824d ago
Better yet, come over so I can release my date all over you face! :D
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andibandit  +   825d ago
I do hope that PS4 has more Coop exclusives this time around.
titletownrelo  +   825d ago
hopefully I can access the internet browser while still in game. Not a huge priority but still, its annoying having to exit outta everything.
DeadlyFire  +   825d ago
That is in there. I am pretty sure they mentioned co-processor in there. HSA means doing more things at once. I expect PS4/XB1 both support this. Also there is a video showing the UI kinda with guy playing Knack pausing and browsing PS Store to download Killzone: Shadow Fall. So its likely in the PS4 this time.
DeadlyFire  +   825d ago
Missing features that are actually on the list.

- Mod support

They got one out of 10 correct!!!
FamilyGuy  +   825d ago
LOL, he mentioned Folding@Home when PS3 already closed this feature.

Why not mention Home?
There are many people waiting to hear word from Sony about it and so far all we've heard is "We're not talking about support for or the inclusion of Home on the PS4 at this moment".

MKV and FLV support would be nice, especially with Subtitle options for MKV.

This guy also didn't realize we had Game Sharing waaaaay before M$ ever mentioned a family sharing plan that was snatched away before its actual inception.

A lot of his points already exist. Key board and mouse support exist already as well as "completely customizable button mapping for all games". You can do the math on that one.

Game mods exist on the PS3, in extremely rare cases (UT3) so it'd be cool to have that on PS4
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SonyRules  +   824d ago
He could come try out your PS4, if it had released yet...
Mods?? really?

Does he know its a console?? Free content and console are still weird.
showtimefolks  +   824d ago
lol ok i will buy a ps4 with its missing features, and get to play drive club for free on plus, while ms can't even offer halo 3 and Ac2
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ajax17  +   824d ago
SETI@Home would be better anyway.
iMixMasTer872   824d ago | Spam
Felonycarclub8  +   824d ago
"Hey, Steve, wanna come by and try out my release date on my ps4? Its badass, man." Ja ja ja ja LMFAO this made my day lol nice one spinalremains138
TAURUS-555  +   824d ago
those are features ?...lol

PS4 is absolutely complete in my books.
dcj0524  +   819d ago
Fine to me. Bringing footage from ps4 to PC. Modding, Keyboard&Mouse support, & Folding hone all sound like great features.
koston3647  +   825d ago
poor article, indeed.
jamz4   825d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
unchartedxplorer  +   825d ago
The ps4 should have a feature where it overheats to the point where you can fry eggs on it. That or no buy
GenericNameHere  +   825d ago
I think that already came out. It's called the Xbox 360.

Need4Game  +   825d ago
1. Make every PS4, a Devkit, a $399 console capable of making AAA Games by itself*.

2. Linux for PS4

*Monitor/TV, Keyboard, Mouse, electricity and etc may be required.
PositiveEmotions  +   825d ago
Give the guy credit for trying
koston3647  +   825d ago
trying and failing....

this is the 'nernet ('MERICA)
PositiveEmotions  +   825d ago
Still rather he succeeds or not the point is he was trying to be active in here so i give him credit for trying to give us something rather is something most of us already know or not.

I just dont think some you people should be mean to him and instead of being mean you guys should give him advices
RememberThe357  +   825d ago
this is the internet, you know better than that.
SilentNegotiator  +   825d ago
For trying to squeeze juice out of a stone?

Pats for Patrick.
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KwietStorm  +   825d ago
I'm sorry but being 'nice' after listing a release date as a feature, is going to do more bad for him than good. I'd say he didn't try at all.
Hicken  +   825d ago
He gets NO credit for trying, because it's evident he DIDN'T try.
MikeMyers  +   825d ago
"I wonder why you post? Your comments are so frequently non-comments; just a few words that add nothing to any parts of the debate, be it the initial article or whatever comments you deign to respond to. It's kinda annoying."

1. Gaikai streaming

2. Game rentals

3. Mod support

4. Game sharing

5. Digital trades/selling

6. What will happen with Playstation Home?

7. Firm release date

8. Firm game line-up

9. Audio and video formats supported

Can't really think of any more. The system looks good so far.
Wizziokid  +   825d ago
Who wrote this? who approved this?
1] Coming.

2] Backwards compatibility is coming.

3] Don't care

4] I can't even afford a 4K TV.

5] Keyboard and Mouse support? no it's a console and even if you do want it i'm sure you can get it just like PS3

6] That has nothing to do with the console at all

7] New PS App?


9] Erm don't care

10] well ok I can see the benefit with that but still not massively important, besides do we know anything about its connectivity yet?
despair  +   825d ago
was going to check the other pages but I think I'll just take your answers as a sign I shouldn't :)
pedrof93   825d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
Akiba96  +   825d ago
I don't remember seeing anything saying backwards compatabilty is coming to the PS4
iceman06  +   825d ago
It's been said that Gaikai is the service by which prior games will be available.
Wizziokid  +   824d ago
it was said back when the PS4 was announced, do research?
Bzone24  +   824d ago
So if you have a game on PS3 it's free on Ps4 through Gaikai?
Wizziokid  +   824d ago

We don't know for sure how they will do it but from what they said

When the service launches (probably 2014)

All ps3, ps2 and ps1 games will be available through Gaikai.

I don't know how exactly they will validate that you own the game or not though.
assdan  +   824d ago
I don't understand any of this guys complaints. Someone who actually owns a PS3 and keeps up with the news either knows this is coming, or wouldn't want it. Why would I care about. Why would I want keyboard? I use a controller on my PC, not the other way around. There will never be game sharing, it loses you a lot of money. Also isn't remote access and PS mobile the same thing? And I'm pretty sure both exist through the vita and a phone app. Half of the worries are put to rest if you watch the lame 3 minute UI commercial. It's lame, but it does what it's meant to.
sevilha82  +   825d ago
Honestlly the only thing missing is the console itself.
Can´t wait.
adventureghost124  +   825d ago
You mean everything that we will probably get/ be able to do.
a release date - it isn't something it needs. You know its going to come out this year and does not affect the console itself
Folding Home - I mean its nice to offer that but that is not in any case a necessity,
Gaikai is more than likely going to be a backwards compatibility system and we still don't know if the system itself offers any sort of backwards compatibility except for PS3 being out of the question.
Co op games? Its the Launch of the system! what do you expect? we already have the Division, Destiny, Diablo 3, and more than likely Drive Club and that is to name a few! 4k support - Seriously? From what I remember reading about the specs, it already includes 4k support also ALMOST NOBODY HAS A 4K TV and probably won't for at least a couple of years.
Keyboard and mouse support - there should be no problem with that, I can use keyboard on my PS3. For Mouse I dont know but for the games that it has, Dual shock will be more relevant than Keyboards due to the interactive features it has.
Remote Access - Playstation App and Playstation Vita nuff said.
Better Codec Support - This is the most valid point this article has had yet, but its not a necessity and more than likely there will be a way to format your videos. Not to mention there are already tons of ways to format them already before going on your console.
Better network presence - You can already shop on the PS store from your computer, We already know that we will be able to use our PS Vita as a PS4 in areas that have wi-fi or if it has 3G, We already know that you can share videos on the PS4 using the SHARE button. You can replace your hardrive on the Ps4 if you need more space or even use an external hardrive. And they have shown constantly even with the PS3 that you can access your Info almost anywhere!

This entire article is just stupid! They clearly have not been paying attention to The PS4 and just wanted to make a quick article to get popularity and so fanboys, like myself, can rage about this kind of stupidity.
ShwankyShpanky  +   825d ago
>>Better Codec Support - This is the most valid point this article has had yet

Agreed. I gotta be honest... for all the talk I hear about the PS3's great media support, I sure get a lot of "unsupported format" errors when trying to play stuff from my video library. Thank goodness for server-side transcoding.
fattyuk  +   825d ago
"This entire article is just stupid!"

I can't even begin to read your article about this article being stupid.

adventureghost124  +   824d ago
haha I guess I made this a bit to long
sorry :)
MegaMohsi  +   825d ago
hmm was it just me or were 2 of the "features" listed twice? folding @ home and backwards compatibility?
thehitman  +   825d ago
I thought the samething wasnt sure if the site was glitching or it was actually listed twice.
SpinalRemains138  +   825d ago
I'm so stoked to buy an Xbox One so I can download Release Date!


Sorry guys. I just cant let can that one go. Haha release date
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KwietStorm  +   825d ago
Just wait til you see what they're doing with the sequel, Preseason Pass.
WeAreLegion  +   825d ago
I thought we banned Gamingbolt...
Shadowolf  +   825d ago
I really try not to ever belittle an article if there is some form of effort put in place that has some potential but this list is really bad and a clear attempt to drive traffic instead of genuinely looking at what features could be added for a stimulating read which would justify the drive of traffic. While some items on this list could insight the uninformed reader, the educated gamer can see straight through this rubbish. Please do your homework and try harder and you might be taken more serious.
Master-H  +   825d ago
Idiotic list to put it lightly lol
sAVAge_bEaST  +   825d ago
That site was lame,.. got mac clean ads,. and another adds,
each time I changed page.
Sincere0121   825d ago | Trolling | show
Godmars290  +   825d ago
My actual unanswered concerns so far:

1) PS Home.

2) Web browser.

3) Increased media app support. Will the PS4 ever see a BlipTV, Dailymotion or cable service app, or will what's currently on PS3 be all that it gets?

4) While media player support is a concern only because it hasn't been talked about, if the PS4's is no better than the PS3 is that really a bad thing?

5) The level of BC offered via Cloud. Whether it will only be PS3, or PS2 and PS1 as well.
Sideras  +   825d ago
Keyboard and mouse support is a good idea, although it would introduce a shitload of problems. You can't compete against it with a gamepad, impossible. It would be like running a sprint in a wheelchair against a professinal Kenyan.
NatureOfLogic  +   825d ago
I agree. I recently started using the m/k setup for Dust 514 on PS3, after going from the controller the m/k, I have a huge advantage over most now. It seems a lot easier to get kills every since I made the switch.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   825d ago
Playstation Home needs to come out of beta

-Said no one ever
reko  +   825d ago
what is this?
ala_767  +   825d ago
4k support? People are now slowly moving the TV to HDMI and many of them owns a 720p tv. Full HD 1080p will take at least 5-7 years to dominate and suddenly Sony will move to 4K? Sony already took a huge risk with PS3 by using Xpensive blu-ray and HDMI which was good but it cost then huge loss they aren't willing to commit the same mistake again
punisher99  +   825d ago
Well I'll tell you what. Since this guy failed to really make a useful list. I'll list a few things I would like to see on the PS4 that has not officially been confirmed as of yet.

#1 Id like the PS4 to be able to format external hard drives into something both the PS4 and Windows can read.

#2 Id like universal printer support for the PS4's web browser.

#3 Cross game HDD music playback. (The ability to play the music stored on your HDD in game or in the PS store or anywhere).

#4 customizable cross game video chat. (The ability to video chat with someone while playing a game, you should be able to move their video feed screen around so that its most convenient for you)

#5 The ability to keep the web browser open while in game and the ability to use social apps while in game.
#22 (Edited 825d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
HG_69   825d ago | Spam
buckley  +   825d ago
You can't get backwards compatibility due to the complete change in architecture. The Gaikai cloud is at least an attempt to find a consolation.

The architecture change was necessary to fix the development issues that plagued the PS3 and is a HUGE step forward, so it's a worthwhile tradeoff.
o-Sunny-o  +   825d ago
The biggest feature I love for the PS4 over other consoles is games. "That's more important." I love PS Plus also! ^~^
HG_69   825d ago | Spam
TriangleOffense  +   825d ago
I hate these articles that require multiple pages, its a short list of ten. FIT IT ON ONE PAGE

As for the list I dont care about any of it, I want the ability to play games of my External HDD and that is all
310dodo  +   825d ago
In game Video chat

make this happen
mitchell1188  +   824d ago
Ur wrong mister author guy.....oh so very wrong.
mano5000  +   824d ago
More like top 10 reasons the ps4 is no PC
greenlantern2814  +   824d ago
Most if not everything on this list is crap. And can be answered like this the ps4 is not a pc.
You have a ps3 if you have ps3 games.
And sony or ms shouldn't focus on 4k until it actually becomes more widely used by people, since most people don't currently own a 4k television to display it on and won't until the price comes down. ThAn it is just a matter of a software update not unlike the way sony did to turn the ps3 into a 3d bluray player.
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