Microsoft "didn't have to mention" Xbone needed an internet connection - Patrice Désilets

Former Ubisoft employee and Assassins Creed creator Patrice Désilets, recently spoke in an interview and gave his thoughts on Microsoft's previously always online Xbox One.

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NewMonday1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

I don't like this guy already

MS was never going to mention anything about DRM if the leaks didn't happen, superDaE is our Snowden .

Tyre1990d ago

So he's saying it was okay that Microsoft deliberately would have mislead people? And now that their mindset has been exposed, it makes Microsoft attitude less bad cause at least they told us about always online? They had to....No No No, It is not okay to make it look less bad, in fact it is worse: they still have the same spindoctering/vague speech, future vagueness/outward lying/arrogance! You mad Patrice? It is not okay dude, what we are saying is, it is time for people to drop the sheisty attitude and be more honest. We're not being fooled anymore! Stop the damage control/fingerpointing/spindoc toring about the features/intentions/specs etc. The damage has been done...more damage control attemps by anyone will only make them look worse. Stop the pathetic attemps.

pompombrum1990d ago

Lol I think the guy is trying to be the next Cliffy B and/or has a drug problem and is baked out of his brain.. how on Earth could Microsoft mislead people and get away with it? They admitted to it needing an internet connection.. all hail Microsoft for their completely truthful and straightforward approach said no one ever.

guitarded771990d ago

I understand people liking Microsoft exclusive games... but how can ANYONE defend this company right now? Just because they changed some things, it doesn't change the fact that they tried to do it, and now they're pulling their crap with the Gold Games. I cannot trust MS. I'd love to play some of their exclusive games, but I'm not giving them a penny.

Majin-vegeta1990d ago

Umm wouldn't that be false advertising if they didn't??Plus it would have been a lot worse for M$ if they didn't.

xtremexx1990d ago

lol thats what im thinking.

jimmywolf1990d ago

it would be labeled on the box so they could get away with it

the backlash would come from lot people not reading the game box/manual an wonder why their getting error been offline

Dravidian1990d ago

I would almost agree with you if A) ethics weren't a concern and b) Pre-order werent taken. People who pre-order cant see the box until it gets to them unless they wait in a line and choose to read every single line on the box before returning it...

mewhy321990d ago

wow i can imagine some very disappointed little kids at christmas when they tried to play their new xbone but didn't have any internet.....wait....that' s probably still going to happen. LOL

Roccetarius1990d ago

Oh look, it's the guy wanting a fully digital future faster...

grassyknoll1990d ago

Patrice Désilets has really gone down in my estimation after this. Actively lying to consumers is disgusting. I'm personally going to boycott all his future titles.

FarCryLover1821990d ago

I think Patrice wants Microsoft to hire him.

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The story is too old to be commented.