Final Fantasy XIV Flies Over One Million Beta Registrations, Will Get Windows and PS3 Themes

Square Enix just announced with a press release that registrations for the beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn have surpassed the one million mark. It’s not too surprising considering how crowded the beta servers have been in the current phase.

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fluffydelusions1966d ago

Doesn't really mean much. Both SWTOR and GW2 had a few million within 24hrs

Abriael1966d ago

The number includes only registration, not those that were grandfathered in from the previous game.

For the successor of a MMORPG that was considered "failed" it means quite a lot.

Crystallis1966d ago



I'm having a blast with the beta. I was actually having withdraws on Sunday because the beta was closed. Now I look forward to every Friday when the beta reopens.

Nevers1966d ago

Yeah, I almost considered taking a few Fridays off since the beta closes so early on Sunday.

baraka0071966d ago

yep and both are great games SWTOR just should have been a single player game IMO.Also both games didn't launch and then fail like this one did. I think it's a good sign that people are willing to give the game another chance.

Zichu1966d ago

I really do hope the re-release of this game is a success. I played the original beta and bought the LE on release day.

I was quite disappointed. I played it for about a month with my mate, but the game performed like a bag of crap on my PC. I had well over the system requirements. My mate had about the same specs as me, but his was running so smoothly.

The game was just boring at the time.

I played a bit of the RR Beta and I actually enjoyed it. The harvesting and crafting has changed for the better. Everything looks amazing and I enjoyed the Instance (I think it was an Instance) with a group of people. I haven't played it since then. I don't want to ruin the game for myself, I've had my enjoyment of the build I had played. I will wait till OB to see the improvements and additions and base my decision on that.

If it's good, I will get it for the PS3. I can then go back and forth between PC and PS3 if someone else is on either console doing something else.

ShadowKingpin1966d ago

You do know that PC, PS3 & PS4 players are on the same server, right? Either way, you're playing the same character with the same people--regardless of the console you use.

Zichu1966d ago

I know, but if another family member is on the PS3, I can jump onto my character on the PC, or vice versa.

I think I should of made it more clear on my last sentence.

ShadowKingpin1965d ago

Ohhh my bad. I see what you are saying now. Cheers!

DA_SHREDDER1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Well if its anything like the video i got off the psn, i want something to do with it. Can't wait for the ps4 version.
LOL at all the naysayers that mmo's can only dominate on pc.

Zichu1966d ago

I think this next gen is going to be about MMO's.

This gen was about FPS's and trying to compete with CoD. We will still see competition between FPS's next gen, but I think we will see more MMO's on consoles compared to this gen.

I played the beta for Defiance and it was enjoyable. It seems more companies are doing the same thing. The Division and now MMO's that are on PC are going to be playable on the PS4.

despair1966d ago

MMOs and open world, I agree.

Squall50051966d ago

I've been enjoying the game so far. The PS3 beta code lets you also play the PC version which is nice.

cozeh1966d ago

is this an MMO with an actual end-game or will people just twiddle their thumbs when they hit the level cap?

Abriael1966d ago

It has plenty endgame.

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