Wtf Gamers? Whats In The Box? A Little Less It Seems…..

Kuma Wrote: The aftermath of E3 is finally over and now gamers all over have the information of the latest titles coming out this fall and next year. However the battle is still not over since the pre-orders have begun a new about the new consoles has started. I stand corrected, it is the same war, but a new battle with the new consoles has begun. It comes down to which everyone feels is the better console, but that is not the point of this topic. Recently Microsoft just released information regarding how the Xbox One will not be featuring a microphone accessory this time around. I took it upon myself to ask the fans how they felt about this turn of events and it brought flashbacks from yesteryear of when I first received my Nintendo and Sega Genesis console that were both bundled with more than just two controllers, but it featured an exclusive title on launch. Let us begin and I hope to shed some insight to you all. - See more at:

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