Diehard GameFAN: Time and Eternity Review

DHGF: Time and Eternity may not be for everyone, but it’s exactly what I look for in a RPG because it eschews all the stereotypes of a JRPG. Instead of a party of angsty anti-heroes, you have a single character (with two souls) and her fiancé. Instead of turn based combat, you have real time action. Instead of a “save the world” story, you have a light hearted tale about two people very much in love that just want to get married. Add in some of the most innovative visuals for a video game since we shoved quarters into a Dragon’s Lair arcade cabinet as a child and a wonderful soundtrack, and you not only have the best game Imageepoch has ever put out, but one of the best RPGs of 2013. The game’s outside the box nature will be polarizing to a lot of gamers, especially those who want a JRPG to stick to the tropes of the subgenre, but everyone on staff here that has played the game loves it, ranging from Sean who is a Final Fantasy Square-Enix diehard zealot to myself who grew up with PC RPGs like Eye of the Beholder, Wizardry and The Bard’s Tale. While that doesn’t guarantee you’ll love Time and Eternity it does mean we do highly recommend it.

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