echochrome getting US release, only $10 (PSP version)

The brain teaser echochrome is finally getting a US release. The PSP version of echochrome will be a downloadable title, available in early May for only $10. All the content featured in the PSP version will be unique to the system (and none of the content from the PS3 version will be in the handheld version either).

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mighty_douche3488d ago

$10? Thats a bargin right there!

legendkilla3488d ago

heck of a deal for ten bucks!

tweaker3488d ago

I love this game. One thing that's irritating is the music though.

KidMakeshift3487d ago

I think the chamber music fits it perfectly. It's probably my favorite thing about the game

TheWickedOne3488d ago

I was going to buy it for $17 or whatever. NIce.

Spinner3488d ago

Guess I'll buy the PSP version then since it has more content than the PS3 version..

meepmoopmeep3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

wow, patapon for $20 and now echochrome for $10?
so awesome. but i want the PS3 version though but if they are unique to the PSP then i might just get both.

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The story is too old to be commented.