Demon's Souls 2 and "Evolve" Listed for the PS4 by a Swedish Retailer

Demon's Souls 2 and Evolve have been spotted at a popular Swedish retailer.

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TrevorPhillips1876d ago

Hope it's true! Finished Dark Souls 2 times now. Love the game :)

YoungPlex1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

I really hope so and if it's true, I hope they have it running at native 1080p/60fps.

HyFackingDro1876d ago

I Lost Count how many times I beat it, I did everything there is to do in it... Anyhow, I'm pretty sure its true since a lot of rumors from sony reps came out during E3 according to attendees. Even the head of SCE World wide studios proclaimed his love for demons.

Campy da Camper1875d ago

Good Lord! I love me some souls! Please be true. I'm waiting to die...again and again and again.

(Preorders couple extra controllers as insurance)

Edito1876d ago

Every time i play Dark Souls i feel like the game is Beyond me lol... i love the game but work, wife, etc i just don't have the time to master and i don't know when i will finish :)

Insomnia_841875d ago

I always wanted to play Demon's Souls but never bought it and played it thanks to PS+ when it was free. I was so hooked into that game!! It was so good that after I finished it, I went to get Dark Souls and for some reason that one just didn't get to me, never finished it! :/

ZodTheRipper1875d ago

Demon's Souls has the better overall concept imo (e.g. seperate worlds where you are forced to explore them multiple times, black/white world and character events based on your tendency, etc.)
I played through Demon's Souls 5 or 6x but only 1,5x through Dark Souls so I REALLY hope we'll get another Demon's Souls next-gen!

JoySticksFTW1875d ago

Demon's Souls is my favorite game this generation.

I like Dark Souls, but it definitely has a different feel then Demon's Souls.

Even though DaS has some improvemens (imo) like the poise system, I like DS' story, soundtrack, and atmosphere better.

Because DS uses a hub, each archstone locale feels truly unique like you're stepping into a new world, unlike DaS' levels that feel bland in comparison and hampered by needed to connect to the next area. The metroidvania-style in DaS is cool; I just prefer DS' level design.

MajorLazer1875d ago

Demon's Souls is epic. IMO, it is the best Souls game

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LemonSlice1876d ago

People in NeoGAF are saying that the same retailer also had Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 for PS4

And some say that "Evolve" is Turtle Rock's game (L4D1 people)

WeAreLegion1876d ago

Turtle Rock, you say? Consider me intrigued. They also did Counter Strike. ;)

thebigman1875d ago

DR 3 is being published by M$ Studios so I doubt this rumor is true, but I do believe DeS 2 will come to PS4 considering Miyazaki is working on a project separate from Dark Souls II

Need4Game1876d ago

Demon's Souls 2 JRPG greatness has reach Retailers in Sweden.

Andreas-Sword1876d ago

If it's true, I will buy Demon's Souls 2 for the PS4!
Day 1 games for me:
- Battlefield 4
- Demon's Souls 2
- Killzone: Shadow Fall
- Watch Dogs
- InFamous: Second Son

cyberninja1876d ago

If it's true than ps4 will be the only place to play ds2 as sony owns the ip.

Williamson1876d ago

I hope demons soul 2 does come to the ps4.

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